Cubase 5, win7 64 bit, installing plugins


Almost 70% of all plugins I install doesnt show up in the plugin list in Cubase.
I guess this has to do with Win 7 64 bit but what do I need to do to make my plugins work?

Thank you very much for any kind of help guys!


Are you using 32 bit or 64 bit Cubase? If 64 bit, the built in VST bridge may not work for some 32 bit plug-ins. For those there is a free demo of jBridge available on the internet (Google it) that should fix those. I found that putting all the 32 bit plugin .dll files in the VST folder created problems. It seemed like one bad .dll would cause all the .dll in that folder not to be recognized. Several ways to deal with it. One is to keep the .dll files in their own folders and create pointers to the .dll in the “Plug-in Information” utility in Cubase. Another way is to remove all the .dll files from the VST folder and add them back to the VST folder one at a time to see if there is one that is causing the problem.
Hope this helps.

Thank you very much for this info J.L.
All this is very new to me so I have to experiment and if Ill run into more problems Ill contact you again.
Thank you very much once again!

// Magnus

Ive tried but not sure I did it all correctly. I got several error messages when running JBridge.
Its possible for you to write a description more exactly how I should do this? Im all new to this. :slight_smile:

A huge thanks!!

// M

Well, BEFORE resorting to jBridge, I would try the other method. Remove all .dll files from the VST folder and put them in one at a time. Then start Cubase and see if the plugin appears. Tedious but this way you see which plug-in run with the Steinberg bridge. You may not need jBridge at all.

Awesome J.L!! Ill try that and get back to you. Thanks a lot for your help!