Cubase 5 with Propellerhead Reason 6.5

Does anyone use Reason 6.5(64 bit) rewired to Cubase 5(64 bit) on a PC using Windows 7?

I have never been able to get it to work.
Quite simply, when I start up Cubase, and go to the Devices drop down menu There is no mention of “Reason ReWire”
at all in the list. For some strange reason Cubase does not see that I have Reason on the computer.

Has anyone ever had this issue? I’m so frustrated after spending hours and hours on line trying to get an answer. Nothing. Not from Steinberg, not from Propellerhead, and not from this forum.

So, I decided to post again and ask.
Has anyone ever even used Reason6.5 rewired to Cubase 5? If so, How in the hell did you get it to work?

hi, I do not believe that 64bit(Cubase) has 64bit rewire in it.
I think SB introduced 64bit rewire from the following version/code streams:

I have the exact same issue with cubase 4 and Reason 7 and yes very frustrating!.. I had a feeling i would find a post like yours.
Did you find a solution?
I found this tutorial so something has to give? and theres infomation about rewire in both manuals. :confused:

I am just using the demo at the moment…but there is a copy of 6.5 for sale and i want to buy it only if rewire works.

Can Anyone PLEASE HELP! :open_mouth:
:blush: :cry: