Cubase 5 with Tascam US1800/Line 6 UX2: delay in recording

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding a recording “delay” with my Tascam interface when I wanted to record drums this week. Usually this works fine, but all of a sudden, the recorded audio is processed one half of a bar later in Cubase.

I tested it with guitar recordings too (through a Line 6 UX2 interface), and same story there. I can hear what I play perfectly in sync, but the audio is just recorded “later’”, so it seems/ This delay makes it really annoying to properly work with the software as I am trying to homerecord some demos with my band. What concerns me is that it has worked fine for weeks, but just… yeah, stopped working.

I tried adjusting my sample rates and buffer sizes, but this only results in added pops and crackles. I tested the interface with Audacity and a generated clicktrack, and here there is no delay.

Does anyone have an idea what might have triggered this delay? It’s driving me insane.