cubase 5

I sent a wav file created in Cubase 5 to a friend of mine to add a bass line in this song. He tried to enter the wav file in his system. He is using Ableton Live Lite (versions 4 & 6). Below is an email reply I got from him indicating a problem. Hoping someone can give me some insight as to how to correct the issue at hand. Thanks , Mike

The problem is listed below:

I got the wav file.

But, now for the kicker, my Live (lite 4 and 6 versions) made by Ableton

will not open your file, the PCM and Sample rates (all audio) is correctly

read by my Ableton SW, but your version of SW and mine are incompatable.

I was able to open up the file with my Media player, and also with my Cool Edit

SW, but I don’t record with the Cool Edit, I use this tool to edit and modify

songs for the finished versions.

I will work on a solution here, this is all too important to me, at least my files to

you as .wav files sholud be utilized by your SW with no issues.

I will look at Cubase 5 / Steinberg and find a way around this, looks like I

just plain have to upgrade.

gtrfan: Just curious— Did you send your friend the Multitracked Audio files
of your song (on say a DVD) and tell him the Sample rate and bit rate of them:?:

IMHO–The Multitracked audio files are safer to use when working
with different DAW’S. All they have to do is import them
from your DVD, CD, ETC. right into there DAW :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley: