Cubase 5

Having trouble connecting my SSL Alpha Channel in Cubase 5 via spdif. Everything is connected correctly from what I’ve been told. I have it connected to a Presonus Firestudio Project interface. Is there something in Cubase that I need to change? Settings? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

In Devices, VST Connections, Inputs, what Device Ports do you have connected? If you connect the Alpha Channel via analog audio cables are you able to hear sound?

In addition to the above troubleshooting, to at least see if you have analog working, and if you do…I know that when I want to use the digital s/pdif I/O from my own sound card, I need to 1st select it from VST Inputs (or VST connections as said) as an I/O I’ll want to use, among other I/O’s I want available as well.

Then in your Arrange Window (or Project Window) you may want to check if you have the I/O’s listed per whatever track(s) you’re working with. I know on my sound cards, my s/pdif is shared with my analog I/O’s 7 & 8, though my s/pdif is listed as 9 & 10 (they both have the same channels coming out of them) Your card may be different of course. My cards also have another selection within it’s own control/mixer panel, which gives me a selection of Toslink or s/dpif…I have to select s/pdif if I want anything to come out of the physical connections.

I’ve found that for me, the s/pdif wasn’t as intuitive as the analog I/O, there were some hoops to jump through in my sounds cards panel. Make sure you are using digital RCA cables specifically designed for s/pdif digital audio…though some have said regular RCA cables have worked ??? personally I have/would never bother with those, and I only use digital cables! Hosa brand here.