Cubase 5LE & Tascam US144mkII Windows 7 Compatible?

I bought a Tascam US144mkII interface which came with Cubase 5LE. This was approximately 10/15/2011 (4 months ago). I was told by a music producer who primarily uses Cubase 4 that it would only work with Windows XP or Mac OS, possibly even Vista, however it would not run with Windows 7. So, I recorded using a Laptop with Windows XP and everything worked swell. Since, that laptop has died and I’m about to get a new one. I’m considering either a Mac of sorts (Laptop or New Mac Mini) or PC. I do not want to get a PC laptop if I still have to use Windows XP, so can anyone either confirm Windows 7 is compatible with Cubase 5LE/Tascam US144mkII? Further more, I’m trying to find the ideal specs for a computer mac or pc to give me a solid foundation. Although it will be a home recording studio, I want it to sound professional as possible without breaking the bank. My previous laptop running windows xp had approximately 3.5 gb’s of ram, 90 GB Hard Drive, Duo Core Processor… and as old as it was, the recordings were overall clean and atleast professional enough to email, or save and take into the studio with me. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated as I’m buying my new computer with-in the next day or so :slight_smile:


Also the US144mkII has drivers for Win 7 32 and 64 bit.

Just shows what 2 mins on google can do!!!

What kind of PC you should get depends entirely on your budget. I’d suggest building one around the Intel i5 2500 CPU, which is one of the best CPU’s available without wasting money on Hyperthreading which doesn’t work in Cubase anyway.