Cubase 6.0.0 hangs on startup - Midi Device Manager

In the last month, i have no Problems with my cubase. I changed nothing. Yesterday i worked with my cubase, today i will start my software, but cubase hangs on startup at Initializing Midi Device Manager? I dont know, whats the reason. Have anyone a solution?



Trash Prefs, see sig.

Aloha and +1

Or at least move them to a different location and start Cubase
again. You can always put them back.

See if that solves your prob.

Do you have the latest version of eLicenser Control Center?

Any reason you haven’t upgraded to 6.05?

Did you do anything with the Midi Device Manager?
Anyway, no need to trash all prefs, just rename the folder Panels in the prefs to eg _Panels and see what that will do.

Trash Prefs, see sig.