Cubase 6.0.0 issue - Save Template not working

I cannot save my own templates.
The “Save as Template” window comes up (empty) & none of the buttons (except Exit) seem to work at all.
Anybody else noticed this ??
Workaround for now…
Save song using normal save method, rename cpr & copy to Cubase 6 App Data Folder manually. (rename cpr as required).
C6 will then have it available on next startup.
Save as template dialog is still empty though, next time I go to try it.

{{ Edit : Workaround (for PC) on 2nd page of this thread. Problem noted by EdDoll. }}

me too, cannot save templates > on a Mac

Window is flashing when iam trying to save the template.

Confirmed. Can’t save templates.

and …away we go with the broken function list for C6.

i can only imagine what a birds nest it must be in that code now if functions such as this that have not been updated or seemingly modified for C6 manage to break. Tricky.

Just canceled my upgrade order. edit: I can deal with the bugs I know, definitely not interested in memorizing more workarounds/things to avoid.

No problems here, Win7-64bit-C6-32bit.

Confirmed - neither can I enter text in the Halion preset selection page.

Can you save with with the keybboard? Ctrl/Cmd +S ? Or (don’t know if this exists) setting a keyboard shortcut?

I do hope this doesnt ring true for everyone. Broken templates means cubase is useless to me :cry:

Try rescanning the template folder with MediaBay? Helps in some file path related cases.

Maybe it helps to trash the Cubase preferences under

Mac OS X
“/Users//Library/Preferences/Cubase 6”

Windows 7
“System drive \Users< your username>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 6”


We have tested this on several machines now and it works on everyone of it…

Is it recommended for upgrade C5>C6 (as in past new versions) to ditch all old templates and rebuild prefs from default?

deleted my preferences but still the same.

i have c5 also installed on the same HD (mac)…

Did you also remove the Preferences folder for Cubase 5 (because otherwise, Cubase 6 would simply re-import them, rather than building from scratch)?

hehe, this was my “next idea” … iam doing it right now :astonished:) :smiley:

This is the solution, working now :slight_smile:

So its not a bug in Cubase. Couldn’t you have posted a problem instead of calling it a bug until you explored all issues? Now you got a lot of attention but the usual Steiny whiners will say “i’m seeing bugs already” where there isn’t one ;at least in this case.

Users always demand that Steiny do a better job of communicating and be more responsible but its a two way street. Users need to be responsible also. Not trying to attack;just sayin…

That’s a relief that it’s working.

Are you going to reorder now?

Heh. Yes. i canceled my cancellation, And am currently awaiting the cancellation confirmation. If they can’t confirm it, I am going to cancel the cancellation cancellation, dagnabit.

The guy at asknet was very nice, and didn’t make fun of me. You are welcome to though. I clearly have too much time on my hands.