Cubase 6.0.2 / Cubase Artist 6.0.2 Update discussion

thumbs up steiny good job !


Cool beans! :sunglasses:

I love you Steinberg. Thanks so much!

Oh cool!
This one has had LOADS of testing so fingers crossed! :smiley:

Big thanks. Ha ha …I thought the track ball thing was my clumsiness. :laughing:

I for one am EXTREMELY upset. I’ve been going on and on for months on this board and made a tech support email about the massive bug in the quantize function. It is totally broken as described here and in several other threads.

Not only is this not addressed in 6.02 nor have i ever received any sort of reply, but it’s NOT EVEN ON THE KNOWN BUGS LIST?! Come on. I’ve been very patient with this but I’m getting to the point where selling my license is going to be the only option since i still can’t really use Cubase 6 with any sort of decent workflow while editing because of this total failure. All I’m asking is to be able to press the button “Q” or press the quantize button and have it reliably move the audio part i’m working on to the nearest beat. not just 3 out of 4 times, but every time, just as it has perfectly in cubase 5 and as far as i know EVERY version of cubase/nuendo previous to C6.

What do i need to do to get this at least recognized as a bug? Make a video or something? I really shouldn’t have to considering how easy it is to replicate this bug.

Group fader caps - much better!


I usually update right away but this time I am gonna wait a little… when I installed 6.0.1 some of my old vst plugins did not show up Cubase. Fortunately I was able to go back to 6.0.0.

Thanks for this update and for throwing us a bone with the transparency behavior…HOWEVER… Please return the tranparency of events fully back to the way it was in C5. You haven’t finished fixing the tranparency issue. We need it to behave like it did before v6. I LOVE some of the new features in 6 and don’t intend to go back, but I need (not just want) transparency back PLEASE!



Hi there! V 6.0.1 updated from 6 perfectly. This one says:

failed update… HRESULT - 2147024770
and it has a problem with the file C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Asio\asiodxfd.dll


Also… I posted this elsewhere but no reply:

the track inspector had a quick shortcut on the top bar that has been replaced by an ugly box with tiny tick boxes inside. Now you need three clicks to get the left panel on. This is a huge waste of time unless there is a way to get the specific shortcut back. And since I am here… the controller track associated with the audio track had a very handy ‘shadowed’ waveform to guide editing. Now it’s disappeared… I am sure this is my fault…

Anyhow… thanks, V.6 is vastly superior (apart for all above :wink: ) than any earlier versions… well done!

Autorun crashes again, same as in 6.0.1. But this time renaming to rar is not working, I had to rename it to ZIP, and unpack with Winrar. Then manually run unpacked files one by one.

Ehhh, this installer crashing is really annoying. Can really nothing be done about it? Please, provide solution, because it looks really unprofessional.

No transparent events, and no mention of it. Very sad, and if may say so in the most polite terms I can, very unsatisfactory from a customer service point of view.

Some message from the developers on this point is reasonable to expect, regardless of what it may be.

A simple, professional response is all that is needed to put this to rest, or to let us know that it is still possible that it will be added back in.

Can someone from Steinberg comment specifically as to whether the UI “sluggishness” of VariAudio for longer audio files has been fixed in this release? I didn’t see it in the release notes.

Also happening here …
2 thumbs down !

And 10 thumbs down for this !!
I can’t understand, how adding a simple on/off switch can be such a big deal ??!!

And no, a ‘professional response’ is not needed.
They’ve just ‘told’ us, that we’ll have to wait yet another half year, probably more …

I REALLY wanted to believe, that things are improving …
Now we’re back to square one and the only sensible advise is :
Do NOT buy any new Cubase major version, the day it’s released !
Wait a few weeks … see what is missing … if it’s crucial for your workflow — sit back and relax.
You’ll have to use your current version for another year …

Not good.
( Well, at least you can spend your update money on something else :sunglasses: )

bye, Jan

“To make the difference between channel types in the mixer more obvious, the fader cap color of
audio tracks has been changed to white and for group channels to blue.”

Thank you Steinberg, this is exactly the kind of simple stuff that helps workflow ALOT. Much appriciated!

Nice update, well done steinberg!
But…erm…please, can we have the separate inspector-button back…(click) ?

the current solution is not very practical, you click too much (click, click, click!) and with multiple monitors the way of the mouse is too long…

Absolute big +1 here for this too…!! Much better - thank you.

Yes, generally a good and welcome update.

But onto your second point, ‘ALT + I’ shortcut helps, but I couldn’t agree more; current ‘solution’ is ugly, its clunky/inelegant, looks unfinished like some hasty afterthought, is a workflow killer… like a horrible alpha build programming placeholder for a ‘feature’ yet to be implemented properly. Sorry, but it is almost embarrassing (from coder/programmer point of view). What’s the story SB…?

Had 3 or 4 hours tracking guitars with it last night and it worked beautifully!
The annoying selected track focus issue has been sorted out ! woohoo!
My ASIO load seems a fair bit lower from what i can see also… loving the fader caps too… one thing about them though… i’m colour blind like quite a lot of blokes and it would be REALLY handy if we were to be able to set up our own colour scheme for them too… i never realised till our guitarist pointed out to me that the group and FX ret fader caps are different colours :astonished: This would be REAL handy for a few of us…
other than that so far so very good!
cheers herr steiny!

I am always shocked by many writers in blogs. I mentioned in two different posts (I opened one in the Cubase-specific forum) the problem of the ugly and clunky inspector box and the disappearance of dedicated buttons. I received no replies for the specific topic I opened on this and here no mention of my earlier post. Am I the first case of ‘transparent-see-through’ postings? Am I the only idiot reading other people’s postings before writing mine?

Anyhow, forget about me, what about this issue, anyone at Steinberg? Is anyone out there?