Cubase 6.0.2 Midi Initialization delay

Hi, Steinberg Support.

When I start Cubase there is a delay at the Midi Initialization stage, but the program does continue to load after 30 - 35 seconds. Usually Midi Initialization would take no more than 4 or 5 seconds. It did not do this before installing my RME UFX. I do not use Midi at this time.

I am using Windows 7 64-bit SP1, Cubase 6.0.2, the .966 RME USB Driver, RME TotalMix .924, and RME UFX Hardware Revision 342.

I’m glad to continue being able to work despite this, but it is certainly a hassle and buzz/inspiration killer when my primary audio application feels so sluggish to get up and running. Oh, and my computer is an i7 (sandy bridge) 2ghz, has 8gb ram, and an intel ssd, so apps normally start up relatively quickly.

I have already posted this on the RME forum and received this response:

Thanks for your time.

Hi, again, Steinberg.
Help, please.

An additional note…
A user on the RME forum posted this helpful bit of info. Maybe it can be a springboard into a clear response from your company?

For fun, I did a quick check with procmon. It seems that it is after looking at UMA ports registry key, cubase hangs for quite a while in WrLPCReply, probably waiting for something from the kernel/driver. Though, renaming the UMAPort registry key decreased the load time a little, it still show similar behavior. I do not know enough about how low level midi works, but I’ve read that this has happened for other cubase users as well, not only on UFX (on

Thanks again.

Anyone else on the forum aware of anything currently going on with Steinberg for me to receive no help, or even a quick comment, regarding this? Years back they were not as candid as I would have preferred, but this is simply ignorant of them and it is disconcerting to have a legitimate issue not responded to.
Please help.

This is a user forum, not official support. For support you need to call your country’s auth support or submit a support.

I have a couple of suggestions, but it appears you only want to talk to Steinberg so I’ll refrain.

I do not apologize for expecting Steinberg to communicate through
However, I will make the effort to contact them via whatever means is official enough for a response. Hopefully it will be timely. I will post back here for the benefit of anyone else having this same issue (unless Steinberg disallows me to for whatever reason).

@mr mitten
Next time, if you are going to only dangle around information rather than make a civilized inquiry about one’s desire to have that info (despite their clearly made requests for help), keep it to yourself entirely.
Please understand that I would have been grateful for help and civilized conduct from anyone and, like most, would be contented by a resolution to this hindrance in general. I value my and others’ time. My request was simply addressed to whom it was most concerned.

Please feel free to post your thoughts regarding this issue for the sake of others who might read, and I will participate, if necessary, for their sake also, but I have determined my own course for the moment.

To say something randomly nice, but not veer off topic beyond this note: VariAudio is very impressive in C6. It takes a lot to get me to move away from a software maker, but Steinberg really made it easy to pass on upgrading Melodyne. For my needs, it is superb.

I apologize for taking a while to post this.

Initially, RME blamed Steinberg.
Steinberg has now blamed RME.

Where this brings us to is a place with no progress.
I hope that something clears up in future releases and in the ineffective policies exhibited by this issue.

Does anyone know of any change in this issue?