Cubase 6.0.3 64 and Liquid Mix 16


I´m having this strange issue with Liquid Mix 16 in Cubase 64 (6.0.3):

Exporting with Liquid Mix 16 as an insert FX produces a gap at the begining and audio displacement of the resultant audio file which of course is incomplete.
Realtime export works fine but since this fails all the time ("an overload…etc) it´s useless.

This only happens on Cubase 64. Cubase 32 export works as expected.

JBridge did n`t fix this behavior. I tried increasing LM16 buffer,reduce instances,increase audio card buffer (which leads to chopped audio on export) re-install old/new drivers for LM16 and nothing seems to fix this.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Win -7 64 Ultimate
Delta 1010LT

LiquidMix 3.0 drivers do exist and are the newest, when installed you need to revert your firewiredriver (of the firewire port itself) to the legacy one. Read it up on Focusrite support, it’s important to do so. No need for bridging like vstbridge or jbridge! Just make sure you revert the right firewire port where the liquid is connected to. I have 2 firewire cards in my system so you need to look carefully on which your liquid is connected, this is also explained in the support document from Focusrite.

Also make sure you’re exporting in realtime!


Thanks for your advice but i have Liquid Mix software 3.0 (even checked previous software) and i use FW on legacy mode.
It seems that Liquid Mix 16 doesn’t support non-realtime export:

"We don’t support non-realtime bouncing with the Liquid Mix. Despite this it may work in some situations and not others. As a general rule though, always make sure you bounce in realtime.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Best regards,

Chris Ready
Focusrite/Novation Tech Support"

Since in my case Cubase realtime export fails most of the times i believe that i will use jbridge to do realtime audio process or just transfer the LM16 processed audio to another record bus as a workaround.