Cubase 6.0.3 won't close

I thought 6.0.3 was ok the first couple of days but now when I go to close it with the X in the upper right hand corner it just stays there and won’t close, the project will close but not Cubase. It just dawned on me I should try File/exit instead but anyone else had this problem?

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. For me, it’s been common since Cubase 5. Unfortunately, I don’t know of a fix. Annoying as hell, I know all too well. :angry:

Well that sucks. I’ve never had this problem until now.

Aloha guys,

I am also starting to get this prob. (1st time)

For me it’s like the mixer section won’t close every time.

I’m on a Mac.

Unfortunately i am having this problem too every time since the update.
Previously was only 30% of times.
I hope somebody could give us a clue about it or a work around to reduce at least this issue.
Delete preferences didn’t help btw.

Win 7 Ultimate
Cubase 6.0.3 64

Core 2 quad
8 GB Ram

Yep, running 6.0.7 and it often won’t close for me. I have to close it as it will start wigging out, out of nowhere, not recording audio when I just got done recording several tracks of audio, etc. So then, I have to reboot. Really beginning to regret I ever went with Cubase.


Do some of you use perhaps automap? With the older automap drivers i had same probkems.

Greetz Bassbase

Aloha guys,

It was last August when I had this prob but it seems all is well now.

One (or more) of the updates must have cleared the prob for me.

I am now at 6.5.0.

This is usually caused by somethng else running that has over-ridden the audio engine or is just running and waiting for you to press a button. In civilised versions of this you will get a box saying “Program XXX is waiting for a reponse from you…etc” Can be caused by another program that is timed to go look for something (updates?) although those are marked by when they happen.
CtrlAltDelete to check what apps and Services are running.
I have had this in reverse when another program becomes unresponsive and Windows reports that “Cubase is waiting for a response”. Come to think of it the last time that happened was after I installed iTunes.

MANY people have this issue

MANY people had this issue. Thread from Februar.

Check Commans Tip. In my case Automap was the reason.

Greetz Bassbase

could you please tell me if you have tried running cubase as administator by right clicking on the mouse on the c6 icon ?
Is it still lagging ?

I am the same as Curteys, I had this problem all the time but now it has gone. Maybe it was the 6.5 upgrade