Cubase 6.0.3

hi there,

as i cannot boot in my main OS (XP) which i used for music production, i tried to build a similar
environment on another computer in order to access old projects.

which wont work because i installed cubase 6 on it, and the latest update to 6.0.7 wont work under XP,
but i know that at least 6.0.3 did.

so if now i try to load an old project, 6.0.2 freezes as i assume, it cannot handle projects from higher
upgrades (i think my latest was 6.0.3)

so i now i was looking for these older updates but couldnt find any on the steinberg site except the most
recent 6.0.7.

could anyone help me out with version 6.0.3?

thx in advance!!

Hi Moby80

Just to say that here 6.0.7 works perfectly well in XP. On installation I neither expected nor experienced any problems whatever.

Cubase works fine on XP up to 6.5.4 - I have run every version.

6.5.5 is a bit more tricky, but if you unpack the installer on a Win7 system, then run the individual files back in your XP environment, you can get 6.5.5 to work.

I know that doesn’t resolve your problem, but it might be handy to know. I am about to build an alternative system with Win7 x64 for a different location, but I intend to keep my trusty XP system running too - it has been just brilliant.

Meanwhile, I would suggest that you try 6.00 then the updates to 6.07 again. Netframework version might need to be newer too?

If it helps, you can PM me, I have four versions 6.0.1 to 6.0.4 archived here.