Cubase 6.0.4/EWQL Piano sustain pedal gets fastened

There is a bug in Cubase 6.0.4 working with Eastwest/Quantum Leap Pianos. After loading any insert plugin in to the audio channel of the VST instrument the sustain pedal gets fastened. This only happens after pressing start and stop from the host. I also experimented the problem opening fxs in different channels, like send fx.
More details:


  • The sustain pedal fx from the east west piano gets fastened, It´s hold the whole time, Impossible to work with it.

  • If I work without any FX insert plugin(EQ, reverb, compressor) there won´t be any problem with the sustain of the piano, but as soon as I load an insert fx and press start and stop from the host (Cubase)the sustain fx of the piano gets fastened.

  • It is not a problem of a particular insert plugin as I try them all and this problem happens even with plugins from Cubase.

  • These occurs working with the piano as VST instrument opened directly in Cubase and also opened in Vienna ensamble pro with cuabse as the host.

  • I have try to reload the vst piano or restart its engine after the problems starts but nothing works, the sustain pedal is pressed or holded the whole time after having open any insert and executed start and stop from cubase.

  • I also experiment some pick noises which are happening always in the same place without no reason, Only after doing a bounce track, never on real time playing.

  • I´m working with the last update of Play 3.0.25 and the last update of the Eastwest/Quantum Leap Pianos 1.0.8

  • I´m also working with a SSD hard disk to get better response and faster loading of the Eastwest/Quantum Leap Pianos, so this is not a hard disk problem.

  • Working with i7 - 980 3.33 GHz 12MB Cache, 24 GB RAM, Win 7 64 bit, NVIDIA Ge FOrce 9400 GT, Cubase 6,RME Hammerfall DSP , all drivers updated.

Could you please check this out and solve this issue?
Thanks a lot in advance.

Remember that Cubase 6.04 is an unsupported update that has NOT been thoroughly tested and thus you may encounter problems like this. It’s actually been troublesome to most people including me, so I suggest staying away from it until Steinberg releases the next official update. If the problem persist there, then you have a case. But so far, I haven’t had any problems with my EWQL libraries (including Pianos) on a lesser system (see signature).

Anyway I think it would be important they check this out before the release of the new update.
Thanks !

Since what you describe doesn’t seem to happen here , I would presume it has to do either with the given instrument or your setup.

Thanks for your replay
Really extrange, because I went back to 6.0.2 and the problem is gone.
Just to know, are you also working wih SSD disk?

No, but I highly doubt your SSD drive is the culprit considering that the issue was resolved by merely rolling back to Cubase 6.02. Everything else remained the same otherwise, so the only variable here is Cubase.

I’m having the exact same problem, except I’ve had it with both 6.02 and 6.04 and I’m not running any inserts. When I play the piano without start/stop on the transport, no held sustain, all works as it should. As soon as I press play in cubase the sustain won’t stop. I normally run the piano within VSL but this problem occurs when I load Play directly into Cubase as well.


Exact same behaviour here as well.

Hello JHP,
I wrote this post long time ago and I haven´t had any answer from you guys.
I would like to know if you and your team are taking in concideration the problem presented in this post, as
I have to say that with the new update 6.0.5 the problem persist.

I´m in the middle of a project where I really would like to be able to use my QL piano … :exclamation:

Could you do something?

Thank you very much

Sorry, I’m not JHP, but I wanted to let you know that EWQL has an update coming out soon that will resolve the held pedal issue. I don’t know exactly when, but it won’t be long.

Take care!

Ok but I don´t think is a problem of QL Piano, because of the fact that if I go back to the version 6.0.2 of cubase the problem disappears.

best regards

Well, that’s unknown territory for me (wether it was a Cubase or EWQL issue). All I know is that it has been fixed and it works in Cubase 6.05. Hopefully it’ll stay that way too :slight_smile:

Take care!
v3.0.30 is out.

’ Fixed hanging notes with sustain pedal’

That´s Greta!!! :smiley:
Thank you and take care all

Unfortunately it seems to fixe hanging notes but not the “not received CC64 bug” (pressed pedal does not work all the time) :frowning: