Cubase 6.0.4 Lots of Crashes! Over it!!!

So when closing Cubase it crashes EVERY time… Ie says it is not responding! Anoying much? I think so!!!

Also just now it crashed mid project… Stable? I dont think so!

What is going on Steiny… Everything you seem to be working on is getting worse and worse!



All stable here and on thousands of other Cubase systems that don’t rant here.

CUBASE!!! You don’t have to fix it! It’s just him! :mrgreen:

Contact the support team if it’s that serious.

Every issue I have had with Cubase 6 has been caused by another application.
Things have got complicated out there. Steinberg can’t be blamed for that.
However I am running 64 bit. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it has run, but then I did a lot of research in to potential problems and possible fixes.

I agree there are many factors in play which may be causing your problem, don’t be so quick to blame Cubase.
People may be willing to help you if you post in detail what is going on.

Sorry for seeming to fly off the handle but this is just another situation in a long line of dramas…

Major rewire issues cost me lots of money (was told it was my computer ended up being fixed by steinberg when they found the problem was theirs)

and the MR series direct monitoring “issue”

The problem I am having has only come into play since 6.0.3 and I was hoping 6.0.4 would fix it yet the crashing still occurs…

no other software has been installed or updated since 6.0.2 which was stable so the logic says its an issue of 6.0.4 and yes maybe something else in my system…

Just getting very tired with the issues…

so once again I posted that while in a very stressed mood mainly stressing due to the MR direct monitoring issue and this just is adding to my stress…


And in regards to contacting the support team well I have always had more success talking to end users than the support teams…

When I had the rewire issue and gave them explicit instructions on how to replicate the issue i was lead on a 3 - 4month wild goose chase of hardware changes to no avail to only end up getting an email saying “hey guess what the problem has been found in our software and the engineers are working on it”

Yes I was greatful that they found the issue and subsequently fixed it… alas that doesnt help the thousands of dollars in hardware changes and lost income while the software would not work properly…


Details or it didn’t happen. Support teams can be variable but if you presevere you’ll get someone who knows exactly what’s up. They understand computer systems and software much better than even me and I’m pretty hot. If you’re “losing income” :laughing: then it’s best to be businesslike about approaching a problem and not just blurt vaguely on a forum with a mixed bag of end users. If you’ve lost thousands of dollars then write to the company. Hell, if you’re losing thousands of dollars then get your legal team to write a letter.
Vague statements to a bunch of strangers will just get you ignored mostly. They’ll just think you’re really in a bedroom somewhere.
And why have you gone to the unsupported 6.0.4? Madness for a professional who’s losing money already.
And don’t just throw money at buying new hardware. Find the best computer tech local to you and get him to iron it into good working condition. Then you’ll be so pleased to see Cubase working.
Sure you’ll find a bug or two but it should work for you just fine.


Only issue is that I am running Cubase in 32bit mode because as far as I know Waves plugs wont bridge in… I may be wrong…

Would anyone suggest going to 64 bit and if so how do I bridge all my 32 bit plugs?


if you’re happy with 32-bit then I’d suggest you stay with it. In my particular case I use relatively few plugins and all but one are 64-bit. Most people have way more plugins so moving to 64-bit is a far bigger problem.

My intention in pointing you to that post was to suggest that you first try backing up your preferences files and then “thrashing” them … this gives Cubase a clean slate to start from. Yes, it’s a PITA to have to set up everything again from scratch, but if it solves the problem then at least it’s one possible option.

mine does same thing, it has been doing it since last update also. currently im using 6.0.3, and yes everytime i close it it comes up cubase isnt responding and i have to kill it to close it. installed 6.0.4 and yay! same thing. other than this not responding manual kill close thing, 6.0.3 has been stable as cubase gets- u know, except for the odd vst bridge connection lost, random artifacts and noises magically appearing onto some of my sounds, sometimes unable to snap to grid, and my intermittantly working media bay - you know the good old standard cubase problems that after so long, it looks like im just going to have to live with it…

or change daws… hear that steinberg?? id hate to do it cause i love cubase, and dont you need all the electronic music musicians/producers you can get and keep?? my scene is majority logic/live even pro tools…

i try to convice so many people in my scene that cubase is great for electronic music, but with these kind of issues dragging on and on, im starting to wonder… is it mac/logic time?

You have a system problem and user problem. What you describe has absolutely nothing to do with a bug. If you can find a bug then report it to help this community.

You write

odd vst bridge connection lost

= You have a problem with a particular Plugin that is problematic when recompiling it in real-time. In general bridging a plugin should be avoided as recompiling code in realtime can be problematic.
Here is the link to the VST Bridge Article that should clarify a couple of technicalities .What is the VST Bridge

noises magically appearing onto some of my sounds

= You have an ASIO problem. In any case this is not a bug or a problem that appears in general.

Sometimes unable to snap to grid

= This is a user problem. Not reproducible here.

intermittantly working media bay

= Not reproducible and system related.

If you have any concrete topics to address go ahead and start a thread. In the bugbase there is a “how to report a problem” text. General ranting is not the way to go to solve problems. :wink:

No, Cubase does not crash when you close it. This is not a common problem. Maybe you would like to attache a screenshot of your opened Taskmanagers state before you close Cubase to one of your posts. The problem could also be hardware related. Does the problem persists is if disconnect all of your hardware, and/or deactivate all not absolutely needed drivers in the device manager.

If Cubase crashes it does not mean that Cubase is the problem. The problem could also be causes by another soft or -hardware component. Which 3rd party plugins are you using? What exactly where you doing before/during the crash.

Do you have any crashlogs under “C:\Users[You Username]\Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps”?


There really are a lot of things that can go wrong that are not Cubase related. However, I (and many others) can attest to the fact that Cubase simply does not play well with others. The old forum was shot through with posts on Cubase crashing for one reason or another. I liken Cubase to a steel trap: closed at the slightest provocation.
Having said that, I now have a stable 64 bit version running very smoothly. So it can be done. It just took a lot of time and reasearch to make sure I had friendly drivers, nice hardware and such.

If you want stable out of the box, use Reaper.


It really does take that effort to get Cubase to do it’s stuff. I don’t think any of us here really know the depths it goes. All I know is it takes a bit of determined research and a fair amount of reading of the reviews and tutorials to get the flavour of the right system for the job.
The Reaper recommendation I agree with too if you need something set up quickly or you just want to dive into DAW production. They’ll both fly but one’s a Cessna and one’s a fighter plane. Guess which one needs more maintenance and two years more study to fly (otherwise you’ll crash it).

My tip. Install Cubase in a Fresh Windows install with minimum junk! ifs, no buts …it is the best way to Cubase happiness…then see where the journey takes you. Over the last 15 yrs or so, I have accumulated nigh on 170 VST plug ins that I “have” to install…( I count NI Komplete for example as 1 plug btw)…So I have a tad more experience in only debugging most of the “Extra” stuff one needs to cram into a windoze workstation…and By jeZuZ…problems come from so many areas when installing ANYTHING extra that it could make a sane man mad, but it can be stable, it can be solid…you have to decide just how important it is to get it there…I always find just overwriting “stuff” is a surefire way to a destined reformat! :wink: Even the order,in which things are installed can have a bearing on the outcome, and that includes the order of installing your basic Motherboard & Chipset drivers,Gfx drivers, (which versions work better than others) Sata drivers, firewire card drivers, all of it matters in getting it right,and keeping it clean. because so many bits of software are dependant on what is ALREADY installed on your pc, C++ redistributables for example, (at the current time of looking I have (installed by plugins & vsts , 6 different Redistributable packages!!)…and even more so, what ISNT installed can have a bigger bearing on the way things run.

When I updated from 6.03 to 6.04 .as usual a Fresh complete reformat was carried out,with absolutely NO remnants of a previous Cubase install. everything was “redone” from scratch…win 7,sp1, everything …Including rebuilding Mediabay, and freshly retagging over 2 terabyte of samples…why you ask…because I need Cubase to be stable, & thats the best way to keep (my pc) it that way. It takes about 4 days for a fresh install for me,

I find its worth it, Some others here wouldnt/dont…but they usually do after the learning curve & pain they receive! :laughing:

I’m not that fastidious myself but that’s (Discoworx) what’s called “maintenance” of a proper working studio.
A lesson to us all.

My tip too.If youre having problems with 32 bit then going to 64 bit is just suicide and more waste of money :slight_smile: get your 32 bit straight.I never get any crash from rewired to reason 4 for example. Its very stable.These experiences are on mac, i remember when workin with Q4 and 5 on pc with reason 3 and 4 rewired in, there was no issue. Maybe theres smt goin on with your plugs.I know bifilter2 makes some crashes sometimes when opened up, i always save now when opening that.It usually is 3rd plugs and dont count out waves

Excellent advice. And something I do as well. I have sliding hard drives in my DAW making it easy to swap thngs out. I keep a good copy of Windows 7 (all clean-no extras) on one hard drive. I clone this over to a another hard drive and then install the update on the cloned drive. I’ve eliminated SO many problems doing things this way. I’ve also got written notes on install order of my VSTis. When things are working properly Cubase is a rocket ship, but when not most folks would just like to take a shot gun to their DAW. Most other DAWs are just as finicky (with the exception of Reaper).