Cubase 6.0.4 Register Now, again! and again,..

Is enybody having this issue that Cubase keeps asking me to register my product??

I used Cubase yesterday in the morning without a problem. At night, The project assistant didn’t have my recent projects and stuff. From then, everytime i open a project i get the Register your Product now. I already clicked “Already Registered” a couple of times.

I also noticed that everytime I open saved project, It would ask me if I want to save the changes. Even if I close it right after I open it with no changes made.

Any thoughts on this?


The thought “malware” popped into my head. :question:


Malware is basically scripts secretly running, uninvited, on your computer. Even non-malicious (marketing “phone home” stuff) can have unexpected and unwelcome results on a DAW.

Download and run

You may be surprised at what you find… :ugeek: :astonished: