Cubase 6.0.4 update CPU problem

I updated to the new Cubase 6.0.4.

On this update, whenever I launch Cubase, the VST meter stays constantly spiked in the red.

I tried all the obvious quick fixes to no avail - reset my audio device (in devices menu), removed all plugs, trashed all preferences, removed external audio devices.

I wondering if anyone knows a fix for this, or if this is just a bad update and I need to roll back to Cubase 6.0.2?

Thanks -


Presumably you mean when opening an existing project & not in new empty projects?

I have had some issues with CPU overloading during updates of both Cubase & most recently with Slate VCC.

Usually turns out that the update sets off some other plug (possibly just a single instance) & once tracked down removing that one plug takes me back to normal use & adding it back in again just gives me the expected small increase.

Try hiding your plugin folder (by renaming) & see what happens.
EDIT…sorry I see you did say you removed all plugs… Did you definitely remove rather than switching off?
I’d try renaming the folder anyhow to double check.

Yep. I removed everything - plugs, preferences.

This happens immediately after I launch Cubase. Before any projects are loaded, with empty projects and with existing projects. All of them always at 100% in the red.

Any one else see this before or know of a fix?

This is a serious show stopper. I’m thinking this is a bad update.

I may have to roll back to 6.0.2 so I can get my work done today.

I saw that you reset your audio device but, just to be sure, since it was not specifically mentioned, did you check the ASIO buffer setting? Make sure the update didn’t set it to an extremely low latency?

Yes. The buffer is at 1024.

Could you try renaming “Steinberg/Cubase 6/Components/videoengine.dll” to “…/videoengine.dll_old” -before running cubase obviously-
Please let me know if this makes any difference.

There is a setting that makes your CPU run at 100% to stop it going to sleep. I’m not in front of my computer and can’t remember where it is. Try a search. I’m sure I saw it on here in the past

Thanks for the ideas, guys.

As per my signature, I’m on a Mac. No .dll files to change.

Also, my computer is also set to never sleep.

I’m doing an uninstall 6.0.4 and reinstall of a previous version today. For me, the 6.0.4 update completely messed things up and seems to be unfixable.

Thankfully, I’m smart enough to keep a backup system partition running so that work is not stalled…

I was having random crashes with Cubase 6.04 (didn’t bother figuring out what it was), so I went back to 6.03. Things are MUCH better here!

Hi Nathan-ltns. I hope you are doing well.

I’ve read enough stuff about 6.04 to keep me on 6.02, so I think your rollback is the right thing to do.
(Btw, haven’t really seen much that looks hinky on 6.03, but since 6.02 is working wonderfully for me, I’m just staying put for a bit.)

Yes, same here. 6.02 is rock solid and while some are ok with 6.04, others are having issues. More here:

C6.04 working pretty well all day here on 2008 8-core mac. Running 10.6 though - Nathan is there any reason why you still run 10.5? Not saying that’s the reason but 10.6 has MUCH better performance for me - something like 2 extra buffer steps and no cpu glitches unless I’m really caning it.

Hey Larry -

Yeah, I haven’t been around the new forums much. Life’s been busy. Looks like quite a few of the ‘old crew’ from the old forum(s) are no longer here as well. Too bad.

I did the roll back (and some generic Mac maintenance) and everything has been running great again. Cubase 6.0.4 is not a good update. I’d stay put until the next one.

I’m still on 10.5.8 because it’s been rock solid for me. If it ain’t broke, I’m not fixin’ it. :slight_smile: So, I guess the answer is that I’m lazy. :slight_smile:

I have 10.7.x on another partition and once I’m satisfied that it’s good for prime time, I’ll use that.

Sorry to hijack this thread but if I may ask, how do you rollback a version on a mac? It’s something I’ve not had to look into until now so have no idea how to do it.