Cubase 6.0.5 Audio Cuts Off

Hi everyone!

Have a serious issue with Cubase 6.0.5 Artist.
Glitching sound occurs anytime I do something (record, play midi, even add an audio track or fx) and my audio cuts off, but the glitching sound stays on until I quit Cubase… Sometimes my audio just cuts off without any reason…
P.S. when I reboot my computer and start it up again I can work for 5-10 minutes and than it happens again…

I’ve worked for the first 2 weeks without any problem (60-128 BMP)… It seems to happen every time I work at fast BPM (170-180)

I did a complete reinstallation of Cubase with Registry cleaning and rebooting after each step.

Also I’ve tried boosting audio in Audio Settings and Steinberg Audio Scheme, didn’t work.

Windows 7
M-Audio Fast Track Pro
Axiom 61
i7 920


I’ve just checked an old DnB project that I did in Cubase 5 a while ago and it’s pretty heavy on VSTi and and Plugins… but the problem do not seem to occur. :confused:
Only when I start a new DnB project in Cubase 6 after some time it crashes.

I have had this a couple of times before. I think it is just the M-Audio driver. You can read about it on the
M-Audio Fast Track Pro forum. It seems some FTP users get even in other hosts.

I did some research… no one has the same problem as far as I have looked.
Maybe I explained my problem wrong… Cubase just Stops playing. It’s not like I can see meters jumping… nothing, it’s just dead, while I see my scrollbar moving…

I’ve never had this problem with Cubase 5 on the same Windows with the same driver…

My problem is solved… Just had to change USB ports from back to the front :smiley:

Glad you got it fixed. Just curious if the back USB port was a USB 3.0 port?

As far as I know it’s 2.0…
Actually I found a pretty cool method to find the best USB port for your Audio Interface :slight_smile:
first download DPC Latency Checker Tool (can easily be found in Google)
Open your DAW (heavier your project is - better) and play it…
than open DPC Latency Checker Tool and look at the diagram… Try every single of your USB ports until you find one with the best latency numbers (lower us is better)