Cubase 6.0.5 resets "Control Room"

I have som serious problems with Cubase and Mr816 . I cant recall at which version of Cubase or version ofMR816 drivers the problem started. Well. I noticed the problem when my “Control Room” setup suddenly where reset.

If I setup “Control Room” with “monitors” “studios” and “talkback” and assign in and outputs all will be gone after closing cubase and starting it again. I have tested to set up everything and the saved the setup as a preset. After restarting all is gone so is even the preset.

Some times the “harware setup” option under “Devices” in the menu is not present and monitoring is then imppossible. It really looks like glitches between the Cubase and the Mr816. I have uninstalled the Mr816 and reinstalled it, Cubase have also been reinstalled. I really dont want to do a full reinstall of my whole system at the moment. Any ideas how to solve this time consuming problem ?