Cubase 6.0.6 hangs on startup - TG12413

I have narrowed down my hang on startup with Cubase to my Abbey Road plug-in for the TG12413. I have Windows XP, the latest DLL’s for the plug-in, and I have had this problem off and on for several versions going all the way back to 5.0

The ilok license says it is valid. I have tried putting the DLL’s in the standard VSTplugins directory. I have also tried to add a directory. When I launch Cubase, it always hangs on this plug-in. There are two DLL’s. One for TG12413 classic, and the other for TG12413 version 2005. Both hang. If I kill the launch for the first one, reboot, etc and then relaunch, it will hang ont he second one. I kill that one and repeat. After this, it appears to skip them. If I power down my PC for a week or so and then repower everything up and relaunch, this initial scan picks back up on the TG12413 and hangs. As soon as I remove this plug-in, everything works fine.

Has anyone else had an issue with this specific plug-in?