Cubase 6.0.7 and EuCon

Hello there!

I bought myself an Euphonix MC Mix Controller and i’m very happy with the way it works with Cubase. But there are still some things i can’t figure out:

  • When i’m using FL Studio as an Rewire Client, the Rewire Faders are not shown on the Controllersurface. When i’m looking in the EuCon Preferences in Cubase, there is no checkbox for rewire Clients. So they aren’t supportet? Or did i miss something?

  • When i’m selecting the Channel EQ in the Channel Settings Pannel with the designated Button on the MC Mix, the Window doesn’t pop up like when i’m selecting a VST. It would be handy if i can see what i’m doing wothout opening the Channel Settings via mouse. Is this possible? If when: how to set it up?



Hello Thomas,

Do you have last version of EuCon application, same as Steinberg EuCon Adapter?

I’m almost certain, my EQ opens, when I’m editing it.

I will check it, as same as ReWire channels, as soon as possible on my system.

Hey Martin, thanks for the quick response!

I do have the lates drivers and firmware. Also, the EuCon Adapter is the newest one, i guess.

EuCon Discovery Service:
Euphonix MC Mix Firmware: 1.5.1
Cubase: 6.0.7
Steinberg EuCon Adapter:

Maybe that will help to help me out :wink: !

Thanks, Tomess!

Does anyone have access to the rewire faders with the euphonix mc mix?

I’m sorry, I wan’t at the studio with Euphonix mixes this week.

I check it today. It doesn’t work to me too.

Official Avid support says:
“Currently, Propellerheads Rewire protocol does not appear to support the mapping of Rewire channels to faders via EuControl. … It would be worth contacting Propellerheads with your issue. Many people have the same problem.”

Mhh…that could mean that Avid blames Propellerheads for not buying the EuCon SDK… :imp: Well, we will see…maybe in the future…

Thanks everyone for help!