Cubase 6.0.7 crashing like crazy on OSX 10.7.5

Mac OS: 10.7.5
Cubase 6.0.7

I’m a long time Cubase user and have two major crash problems that have brought my work to a crawl:

  1. Random application crashes after upgrading the OS from 10.7.x to 10.7.5, brought on by any of the following:
  • Resizing audio events (crashes perhaps 1 out of 10 times)
  • Resizing audio tracks (occasional)
  • Changing the buffer size for my MOTU audio device (happened just once)
  • toggling lane view in audio tracks (occasional)
  • stop and start playback (occasional)
  1. On project load, crashes while loading the mixer, almost always on a Halion Sonic instrument, even when the instrument is frozen. This was happening occasionally before the OS upgrade, but since the upgrade, it is much more frequent. The project will load fine maybe 1 out of 5 times.

I have tried resetting my preferences by renaming all the Steinberg directories as instructed on this forum, but that made no difference.

Very discouraging.

  • Slim.

Try to upgrade all of your plug-ins. And try to Repair Disk Permissions from the Disk Utilities, please.

Is there any crash log, or more information about the crash? Can you send it, please?

Thanks for the quick response Martin. I’ve attached a few sample crash reports – not sure which are from the project load crash vs. the the editing crash – following my next session I’ll be able to be more specific.

As for installing latest versions of all plugins – I’m hesitant to try that before I’m done mixing this project, which ironically has been considerably slowed down by these crashes :frowning:. I may give it a try anyway, but it is a big job and could easily lead to new problems without curing the old ones (been down this path too many times before…). It would be far better if a specific culprit could be identified first :wink:. None of the plugins I have installed had been recently updated when these crashes started to occur. The only significant change to my system was the minor OS upgrade.

I will try repairing disk permissions.

Thanks very much for your help.

First, and second crash was because of the TrackPlug5 VST plug-in. Try to update it.

The last one was because of some Elastique. It’s not obvious, it was in plug-in, or internal algorithm for time-stretch, and pitch-shift ,of Cubase.

So, after more experimentation, it’s now obvious that the TrackPlug5 crashes are the ones happening during project load. I’ve updated The WaveArts plugins to the latest version and the crashes still happen. Working this issue with WaveArts now.

However, more importantly, the random crashes I was seeing have not been fixed by fixing disk permissions. The latest incarnation was when I was vertically resizing a midi track. Crash log is attached…

Next steps?


This realy looks like crash of Cubase. Can you try to unisntal Cubase, trash preferences of Cubase, and instal it again, please?