Cubase 6.0.7 Freezing on initializing VSTs

Hey all, I need help. Cubase 6.0.7 is hanging up on startup and I’ve let it load for hours and it doesn’t get past VST 2x. Plugin Initialization. I have a big project I started a couple months ago that I’m supposed to be working on over the next few months. It was working before I went into the hospital last week just fine, but I get home and now it’s not loading at all. I take out all of my VST Plugins by moving the folder so Cubase doesn’t see it, but the second I have it try to load my 3rd party plugins the whole initialization system just freezes. I don’t know what I did. The only thing I installed since I got home was a game and that shouldn’t interfere with anything. Please help me. I’m trying to get back to work on my album project.

You could try system restore if on windows?
You could also try moving your plug in files out of VST plug in folder into a safe place then re-introducing them one at a time until Cubase hangs. This takes time but should reveal the culprit. It has to be said that games and DAWs aren’t great bedfellows, so it might be best to ditch the game, although it’s impossible to say whether it’s relevant, or just coincidental.

Good luck anyway.


I’ll try a system restore. Hopefully I don’t have to end up reloading my entire computer due to this stupid problem. It’s only on the VST 2 Plugins… Which is weird. Cubase boots fine as long as it’s not looking at any of my third party plugs.

Is there a way to update the VST bridge?

You could try jBridge. It has a free demo. If it helps, I think it is only $15.
Many have reported success using it.
I don’t think you can update the VST Bridge in Cubase (independently of Cubase, anyway) as it is a “built-in component”.