Cubase 6.0.7 hangs / crashes on exit

Hi there,
Am I going mad? I work on many different Cubase files, including a one track test file - and still Cubase crashes or hangs or both on exit. I hear rumours that others have this issue too. Is it true? Does anyone know what the fix is? [there is no automap here, and my PC is 5 months old running Win7 64bit]

crashes on exit are typically caused by 32 bit plugs running in the bridge in x64 version of Cubase. What plugs do you use all the time?

Thanks for that. I do note that this problem arose a few says ago when I started using my VST Plugins much more.

I regularly use:
VSL Instruments
(but this programme hasn’t been used since the issue started)


Make sure you are using the x64 version of the plugs.

Go to your VST Plugins list and there is a column that tells you what Cubase has found and if it is 32 bit or not.

Also, there are symbols next to each plugin name in the menu. If I remember right two hash marks means it will be bridged. Three hash marks means VST3.

That’s interesting and useful. The only programme that has / / is Omnisphere, so I’ll look for a 64 bit update.
My current Cubase test file doesn’t use Omnisphere - but could it still contribute to the issue even if that VST instrument is not open?

Another related issue could be related to where the programme .dll files are stored? Now, I have 2 System folders:

  • Programme Files
  • Programme Files (x86)

Do the 32 bit and 64 bit .dll files need to be installed in the correct folder? Is there a correct folder? I suspect mine are all mixed up! In which case, is it easy to uninstall and re-install in the correct place???

I don’t think it really matters what folder they’re in, If Cubase can find the right plugins and recognises them as 64-bit then I doubt that’s causing your crashes.

If it isn’t loaded it shouldn’t cause a hang. However, if it was loaded and then unloaded, it could. The Cubase bridge is fussy.

There was an issue with some crappy MIDI drivers that were hanging C6 x64, but I can’t recall which product or what the solution was. And, obviously you have read the keyboard mapping software issues.

Keyboard mapping issues? I’ve tried to find information on this but so far no luck. What were they?

Update: This morning I open Cubase, I don’t open a project or in fact anything, I then close Cubase, it hangs on exit (whether I click on the top left window x or quit using control Q). This hanging seems to have been a massive problem in the past - have most people solved it now?
Most infuriating…

what external keyboard or MIDI interface are you using?

Yes, the problems have always been related to other vendor drivers and applications and the 32 bit bridge.

Novation 25SL MkII (without Automap!) for realtime midi faders (via USB), Studio Logic Electric Piano via RME Hammerfall Multiface II.
The only thing I’ve think I’ve done to start this problem was upgrade to the latest Vienna Instruments (v5.3).
Cubase 6.0.7 with Windows 7 (x64)Pro
Intel® Core ™ i7-3930K CPU @ 3.2GHz
RME Multiface II
ATI HD5400 series graphics card
Novation 25SL MkII

Dear Neil C,

please take a look at this article:


Thanks Luis. I did see this yesterday and did as much of it as I understood. I don’t have Automap installed - but I used too and so I deleted all the files mentioned.
Query: the 4th points reads -
4. Reinstall the Automap 4.4 beta 4 (or later) then re-register all of your plug-ins and create new pluginname.dll files.
What do you think it means by re-register? Does it mean I need to uninstall and reinstall all of my plugins?