Cubase 6.0.x updates vs Cubase 6.5.x updates?????

Can someone please explain to me why I since I’ve purchased the 6.5 version update to Cubase, I keep seeing updates for the earlier version with no updates for the current version? Is the current perfected and needs no attention while 6.0.x is in need of urgent repairs?

Just wondering?


el profe

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6.0.6 ~= 6.5.0
6.0.7 ~= 6.5.1

The 6.0.6 and 6.0.7 updates brought Cubase 6 up to equal with Cubase 6.5.1 .
(Bugfixes and Rewire 64bit, Soundcloud upload, etc…)

Cubase 6.5 is getting updated mid August.

ok, thanks for the mid August news.

as for the 6.0 updates equaling 6.5 updates…that’s funny…

I thought I paid for the 6.5 updates, if I thought staying with 6.0 was just as good, I wouldn’t have paid the bucks…LOL

but I imagine it’s more of an OS compatibility issue than a ‘feature’ update…with the 6.0 updates…
but I didn’t bother to read up on that and really don’t care to since I just move on to the next update
and don’t look back.
I only keep the lastest version of the last couple versions in case someone I come across has something to work on
in that version and don’t want to mess around with conversions if it has to go back to them for continued work.

thanks again for the update,

el profe


There’s a tilde ( ~ ) in front of the equals sign. Means that they’re almost equal.

In terms of bugfixes, they are equal.
In terms of certain features such as Soundcloud upload and ReWire 64 bit, they are equal.

They are not equal in terms of:

  • The comp tool
  • Padshop
  • Retrologue
  • DJ EQ
  • Morph Filter

yes, as a former pre-med student I got the tilde sign…

looking forward to mid-August ( a couple weeks away) to see what surprises are in store…

el profe

current… (23 Jul 2012 11:34)
Cubase 6 and all derivatives: 6.0.7 update available