Cubase 6.0.x

Will Cubase 6.0.6 be compatible with Mac OSX 10.9 Mavericks? I’m looking forward to a response.
Thank you.

I saw that, but Steinberg has often just ignored older versions of Cubase. That page only mentions 7. I’m using 6.0.6.

When I read it, it says, “Currently, we are testing all Steinberg products for OS X 10.9 compatibility.”
Maybe we are looking at different pages. What exactly does it say when you read it?

It says the same thing, but it could be interpreted as, “Currently we are testing all up-to-date versions of Steinberg products.”

Considering there’s no ‘Mac OSX Compatibility’ message on top of this forum, I’d take this question to the Cubase 7 forum and see if moderators answer it (or users having tried it).

There are several other threads in this forum (the C6 forum) discussing this topic, to which Joshua Matlock has already replied, stating that they are testing and will release the results as soon as they can.

I think we are beating a dead horse…

Ok. I was interpreting it as what it said. My mistake.

Yes, I was just asking if Steinberg will be trying to get Cubase 6 (in addition to 7) working on Mavericks, or if 6 will receive no treatment.