Cubase 6.02 + JBridge + 6GB more RAM....

Hi there!

After months of deliberating/sifting through forums over;

1 - Is it safe to upgrade to Cubase 6 64bit yet?
2 - Does JBridge work okay even with Softube VST3, Automap & the Waves Shell?
3 - Will adding 6Gb more RAM stop my VST ASIO bar from clipping occasionally on projects where I’d been too lazy to commit to audio before wandering off prematurely into mixing mode?

I decided there was only one way to really find out so I bought all three and used a particularly sloppy track that hovered just under/above the ASIO clipping level as a bench test…

1 - Relatively painless. It recognised the VSTs in the Steinberg>VST Plugins folder straight away and I was able to open a Cubase 5 32bit project (I had already used JBridge to convert the 32bit plugs in x86 Steinberg>VST Plugins folder to 64bit Steinberg>VST Plugins>JBridged VSTs folder). But a few plug ins threw up some errors on first boot;

Quadrafuzz - deleted it, guess it’s somewhere within the new Amp Rack anyway.
PSP Nitro - deleted that too as I’d already upgraded to N2O, so possible registry clash.
Slate Digital VCC - sort of expected that as it’s still a bit flaky under 32bit at the moment - but veeery nice!
Soundtoys Devil Loc/Deluxe - both gave a ‘Code 7 Error’ on first 64bit boot-up but still seem to work okay though.
TAL & CM Vocoders - aren’t supported, apparently, I use the Cubase one anyway. Deleted.
UHe Tyrell N6 Synth - not sure why. I downloaded it one night, flicked through the presets and then forgot about it so deleted. Possible problem if you use Zebra/ACE though… Google it first though as I’m only speculating!!!

2 - Softube FET compressor loses it’s VST3 side-chaining capability under JBridge (although I was aware that wrapped VST3s would from the Quick Start manual).
JBridge wraps your Automapped plug-ins too, so you can still use your Nocturn etc.
It also wraps Waveshell, or at least the Kramer MPX works fine (my only Waves plug…) and even the Automapped version of it too.

3 - After setting the Devices>Device Setup>VST Audio Settings> Audio Priority to Boost, Multi-Processing to Tick & Activate Steinberg Audio Power Scheme also to Tick Cubase 6 64bit was operating at the same level as Cubase 5 32bit, i.e just under/above the VST ASIO clipping level. WHICH IS WHAT I EXPECTED as the buffer size is ridiculously high at 41.333 ms. I must also point out that I haven’t put the extra RAM in yet (despite my Sig edit) as it doesn’t arrive until tomorrow. I’m pretty sure adding more RAM won’t miraculously cure ASIO spikes as Task Manager says I’m only using 3 of my current 6Gb of RAM anyway, I’m just trying to prove a point here. Also, I’d like to point out that each JBridge wrap uses additional CPU.

Anyway, just in case you wondered any of this too… :smiley:

RAM won’t affact the ASIO meter.

Yes I know… this is really to highlight that fact :smiley:

Actually, that’s a lie - I was 99.9% sure of it. Thanks for making me 100% :laughing:

the buffer size is ridiculously high at 41.333 ms

Oops! Should point out here that I really meant ‘the latency is set ridiculously low’ for the test project as it was made entirely from VSTs (3 instances of Trillian and 1 of Battery3 + a stack of FX) and not recorded audio (for which 41.333 would be too high)… ugh time for bed!