cubase 6.05 losing vsti assignments

Hello All

Im on C6.05 and when i save and reload a project cubase is misloading vsti assignments in the midi track verified in the track inspector. its been happening really frequently and at first i thought i may have sent an errant program change from my midi controller but no. If i open a new vsti via the instrument panel and select yes to create a midi track work for some time then save the project when i reload the project the next day a different vsti is loaded. This has been mostly with zebra 2.5 and cubase is selecting a different instance of the same pluggin - ie on my current project i create a new zebra instance in slot 25 of the instrument panel when i reopen cubase it has assigned the zebra instance from slot 20. not sure how this could happen but it has been a regular occurrence.

Also i am having trouble keeping may halion instance loaded and recognized, H typically i use halion for my kit and i have a couple of banks which i use regularly. on my current project when i load up cubase it often, 1 in 3 ,times will load the project missing the halion instance and i get the message asking if i would like to remove the associated midi tracks. i cannot select halion from the pull down window in the vsti instrument panel even though it is an active option there and it is listed int the pluggin infromation window. i have to restart cubase in order for it to appear.

I am really tempted to upgrade to c 6.5 thinking that the upgrade/ install process might correct the issue but i am leery as i am in the middle of a project and was intending on waiting until i was finished or at least ready to mix.

Any ideas





Weird had never troubles to load a project and it has lost its settings.
Is it in all projects with all vsts or just with certain onces?

Greetz Bassbase

actually good point i haven’t checked other projects been too busy with work away from studio and my time here has been focussed on this track - i should have been more dillegent and will test that out- the assignments just seem to be with zebra 2.5 but honestly the Halion 3 issue has happend to me before on C4.

I have had this with Kontakt since C4. It’s rare, but it does happen from time to time.


thanks Jeff

i wonder if we are alone