cubase 6.05 memory problem/leak

hi folks,

i have been using cubase 6.05 for some time now but have been getting some crashes lately. i’ve been monitoring memory useage.

my system is w7 x64, cubase 6.05 x86, babyface audio.

start cubase: - 157mb, then starts eating approx 1mb every 30 seconds!

load project a: - 1.58gb, same as with no project loaded, starts eating at the same rate when idle. when working on the project for an hour or so the memory eating increases much more rapidly. 400mb not uncommon.

unload project a: (cubase still running) - 239mb (?)

anybody else found this?

i also found that another project i had was getting up towards 2.7gb memory useage, and this is when i started getting the crashes. i thought cubase x86 was supposed to be able to use 4gb in a x64 system?


ok i left cubase idle for an hour with a project loaded. it went from 1.5gb memory useage to 2gb.

that’s pretty bad…!!

Did you thought about moving to version 6.07 to see what happens?

yes i tried updating to 6.07 this afternoon. no change unfortunately… :question:

EDIT:actually its alot worse since the 6.07 update.

Why are you using 32 bits version of Cubase if your OS is 64 bits? Use 64 bits version to get full access to all your ram (if you have more than 4g installed).

i stuck to 32bit a while back as some of the plugins i use regularly were only 32bit. i might check and see if they’ve been updated as i would like to switch to x64 cubase. in the meantime, this memory leak on 32bit cubase shouldn’t be happening.

Well, I used a lot 6.07 version (32 bits too) before moving to 6.5 (and 7), and never had this kind of problem.

You can try to use 64 bits version and a bridge to your 32 bits plugins.

hmmm, so i installed cubase 6 x64. the exact same thing is happening. cubase with no project loaded, idling, eating about 3mb a minute.

anybody got any further ideas? could it be something else in my setup?

Still have the same problem here. Win7 64bit ultimate/Cubase 6.5/7, 32 and 64 bit.

Seems to be a very rare problem, but it exists. Any insight appreciated.