Cubase 6.05 update problem....


When I tried to update to 6.05, I got the message below.

I don’t now how “it probably has been updated”, is supposed to help me. It hasn’t updated yet. Windows installer is started. I’ve tried to run the update as the Administrator. I’m out of ideas. Anyone?


Anyone? :astonished:

What’s your current version as installed?
Is it 6.0.4?
If so, can you go into the Programs section of the Control Room, enable “show updates” and uninstall the last patch?
This should not get rid of everything but simply roll you back to the previous version - then give it anothet try.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply Neil.

When I tried to update to version 6.04. I got the same installer error message. So, my version is 6.03.

Would you recommend I uninstall that and give it another try?