Cubase 6.06 - Rewire channel not appearing in 64 bit mode

I have installed the 6.06 update on my Intel Mac … and find that when I am running Cubase in 64 bit mode, there are still no options for Rewire in the menu. Works in 32 bit mode, as before, but not in 64 bit.

I have Reason 5 and Sibelius 7 installed as Rewire programs.

Anyone having the same problem? Any solutions?

PS I’m running Mac OS 10.6.8

Try updating to 6.5 and problems solved… :sunglasses:

But its supposed to be in 6.06 as well. There should be no reason for a paid upgrade for rewire.


True! I couldn’t get it to show up either in 6.06 until I updated to 6.5.

I have updated to 6.5.1 and I don’t see it at all.

image attached. You can see in my screenshot where I should be able to connect and it’s just not there.