Cubase 6.07 with XP

I would like to know if anybody use Cubase 6.07 with win XP 32bit.
I experienced CPU spike with 6.06 so I’ve been stuck to the 6.05 version so far.

6.5.1 32bit with XP SP2 here - no issues.


Hey P - how much RAM do you have again?

4gbytes and I use the 3gb switch option, which assigns a bit more to Cubase. This is handy as I use BFD2 which is ram hungry. Plenty about this topic floating around


Yup, thanks -

Thx for the answers but I m still using the 6 version for the moment (I don’t want to upgrade to 6.5 version)
So I’m still asking if there is anybody out there who is using Cubase 6.07/ Win XP 32bit without trouble

FWIW, 6.05 runs fine on my computer, see specs.

6.0.7 included all the bug fixes from 6.5.1.