Cubase 6.5.0 and "3 GB Switch"?

Wondering if (on my XP) it is worth moving up to 4 GB of RAM and using the 3GB switch. I’ve been pretty happy with my 2GB, but playing with some VSTi’s live more lately … not so much!

Apparently for it to work, Cubase needs to have its “Large Address Aware” (LAA) header flag set. Cubase SX did, don’t know if Cubase 4 or 5 did, but really what’s important now is whether Cubase 6.5.0 does?

Has anybody used the 3 GB switch on Cubase 6.5?


It can be worth it. You may get up to 1GB more RAM. I haven’t done this since Cubase 5.x days. It should work with C6.5.

I used to get Cubase running Kontakt and/or Superior Drummer 2 and/or Trilian up to about 2.5-2.7 GB total in 32 bit XP. I ran pretty lean on what was running in the background though. It can get pretty unstable towards 2.7 GB. YMMV

You won’t get all 4GB, so maybe save some money and just get 3GB total. The 32bit OS has to use about 1GB of the 4GB 32 bit address space for addressing other stuff than RAM.

Still, it can make a substantial difference on what you’re able to load.

Honestly, you’d be better off upgrading to a 64 bit OS sooner rather than later. A bit painful to do the whole install again. I’m glad I did. I can’t possibly hit my RAM limit (16GB) now with my workflow. I don’t even think about it any more.