Cubase 6.5.0 crash without reasons

Hi all,

I have a lot of crashes using cubase 6.5.0 32 bit without an apparent reason, only the Windows message Cubase has stopped working and I only have the option to close the window.
Sone examples: I was trying different compressors-crash; I was switching presets in Waves GTR3- crash; inserting Amplitube 3- crash; the problem is not related to a specific vendor.
I never had a problem like this in Cubase 6.0.x and I think I never had a problem like this in 20 years using Cubase (Atari, Mac and PC).

Is running well for you? Ideas?


Have you tried 6.5.2? It’s fixed a crash in Cubase artist 6.

I think Artist 6.5.2 update is only for Cubase Artist, because in the download page there is just the 6.5.1 update for Cubase 6.5


No crashes here in 6.5 and I am using a 4 year old PC using WinXP (I know I know, I am upgrading PC and OS soon!)

Yeah it is, sorry. Didn’t see your signature earlier.

i am getting crashes, also, with updated 6.5 , usually when I am fooling around with midi, which I don’t know a whole lot about so maybe I am doing something wrong.

I will try 6.5.1…

After updating to 6.5.1 and trashing preferences (after the update) the problem seems to be solved.
I personally think that the problem is solved thanks to the preferences trick and not by the update (I don’t have time
to roll back to 6.5.0 to try again).
I think this because after bad experiences after updates (stopped recordings in the middle of a session, bad audio images, lost audio pieces at the end of long files) I always trash (and create again) preferences when updating.
In this case I didn’t try to trash prefs before the 6.5.1 update…just because I did it after installing 6.5.0…

10 minutes after…inserting Waves MaxxVolume: CRASH

Crashes also in 64 bit mode? How much memory is Cubase using in 32 bit mode when you are getting crashes?


I don’t know in 64 bit mode because I started these projects in Cubase 32 bit and I want to stay here because not all the plugs I used are 64 bit (I use jBridge but I prefer to be native).
Regarding the memory usage…sincerely…I don’t know, but I think not a lot of memory; during the last crash I was working on an unplugged with 2 mono audio tracks (ac.gtr, vox) with 2 or 3 plugins for every track and 2 (send) reverbs.
Before this bad experience I mixed (in 32 bit) more than one hundred audio tracks with a lot (really a lot) of plugins (and virtual instruments) without problems: on the same PC.

I’m having the same problems as you.
I first thought it may be my hardware, that was already not stable.
Today I replaced my motherboard and memory and did a fresh installation of Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.
I installed Cubase Artist 6.5.2 64-bit and after a few seconds (10-60) when a VST is opened (Like NI Massive, Z3ta+, or Prologue) Cubase crashes, while Windows shows a pop-up about it.

Then i tested if it was a software related problem of my VST’s. I opened them as stand-alone and it was not problem. Then I installed an other Music Production System (Ableton 8 demo) and it didn’t gave any problems.

I rolled back the installation of 6.5.2 to 6.5.0, and still Cubase crashes like written above.
Then i rolled back to the 6.0.0 installation, and now it works like a charm.
But now i can’t use the functionality of Cubase Artist 6.5!

So my conclusion is that there is a problem in Cubase 6.5.0 and 6.5.2, and it isn’t a hardware related problem.

A bit of info about my DAW:
Proc: AMD Phenom 2 X6 @3.2Ghz
Mem: Corsair Vengeance 16Gb @ 1600Mhz -
Audio interface: M-Audio Fast Track Ultra
Cubase version: Cubase Artist 6.5.2
OS: Windows 7 PRo 64-bit

Note: I added a Log file from Windows about the error. This error showed up in the logs when I create Z3ta+ and was playing with the sounds.
Cubase6.5.2.txt (691 Bytes)

I reinstalled Cubase with all the updates, and I don’t have the problem anymore!
I guess the problem was on my pc, but i don’t know what causes it.

Just glad I can make some music again :smiley:

I’m having similar problems to several listed above. Unfortunately I’m a computer user and not a computer whizz.

Cubase 6.5.1 32Bit crashes… all the time. I am using a mixture of plug -ins Waves, Sonnox and Steinberg’s own yet even by disabling each plug in I can’t source the problem. I have trashed the preferences; no difference, have reinstalled, no difference and I have come to the conclusion since using various renditions of Cubase 6 since January (first on XP and now on Windows 7 with even worse results…) that it is the most unreliable and most unstable environment I have ever used. Windows 7 is equally unhelpful and obtrusive and together with Cubase 6.x I have experienced my least productive 6 months in several years.

The trouble is you get no options when it crashes. It either shows an irritating message.'Cubase 6 has stopped working and windows is looking for a solution blah blah’… then shut down, or… ‘BANG!’ the whole computer switches off. I get no options to save, or backup, or create a log file. I am using no new hardware or plug -ins since the upgrade, and they all worked flawlessly in XP and Cubase 4. I have installed all the latest drivers (and have noticed that when using my M-Audio Trackbox Pro the problem is significantly worse than when using my Saffire.)

I am frustrated with the several half done projects I am unable to complete and that are now so corrupted I can’t even press play without error messages. I feel I have no alternative after wasting my money on Cubase 6, but to return to XP & Cubase 4 and start all my work from scratch. It’s a sorry state of affairs and I’m not quite sure who to blame; Steinberg, Microsoft, or both? I have also noticed that Windows 7 takes up so much of my CPU power that I am maxing out Cubase 6.x long before I used to hit this ceiling in XP/Cubase 4.

Must seem crazy to most of you reading this, but why no support for XP? It’s far superior OS for music!

Has anyone else experienced this level of crashing, on all projects, all the time? And has anyone else come up with a fix that might just save all of my hard work? PS: I need explanations in layman’s terms - thanks.

Just to re-iterate:
I have trashed the preferences
I have re-installed
I have updated to 6.5.1
I have tried disengaging different VSTs
I have tried two different sound cards.

Aloha. It would be wise to get your hands on the best registry optimizing software and make sure all drivers are updated. Weird things can mess up Cubase prefs…

Hi Phil,

my problem is partially solved with a simple change: control panel/energy saving options/never turn hard disks off.
I know, it’s a basic tweak for DAWs, but with this DAW I decided to try to turn HD off after a while (because I don’t like that my sample HD is active while recording audio with another HD, or the audio HD is active when using only samples).
With Cubase 6.0.x I had no problems with this, but it seems that Cubase 6.5.0/1 does not like to wait a moment while the hard disk turns on.
In this way sometimes I have crashes only when quitting Cubase 64, and sometimes problems with Waves GUIs.
But maybe it’s only my fantasy… and the problem was solved by another update (VSTi or plugs).
In your case if all drivers are updated, Cubase reinstalled, pref discarded, try to google “windows 7 tweaks for daws”.
Another thing, I read somewhere in this forum (a long time ago) that Cubase 6 is optimized for i7 processors: maybe your problems can be hardware related, but honestly I don’t know because many people (a lot) use Cubase 6 with a different processor and have no problems.

Thanks for the advice KDEF2004 and Gianni,

For what it’s worth I tried both suggestions. Again being a computer user and not an expert I struggled to find any options to adjust settings for individual hard drives. I did manage to find an option for ‘high performance’ on Power Schemes settings in the control panel, but no matter how hard I tried; windows would keep defaulting back to a Power Save mode, despite clicking ‘accept’ after making changes.

So I tried KDEF2004’s idea, which is also probably very sound advice. However, anyone reading this, be careful which registry fixing program you choose! Being tight, I went for a free one from iObit. DON’T USE THIS SOFTWARE!!

On running this software my computer was de-fragged and many temporary and register files were identified as errors and deleted. The software created a ‘system restore point’… which was lucky as it REALLY messed up Windows 7! After this process I couldn’t get the computer to stay on for longer than a minute or so; it kept blacking out/shutting down, over and over again. In safe mode I went to restore the system to the last restore point. Unfortunately the computer ‘blacked out’ mid process rendering the entire OS useless.

That was the official end of it all - well almost.

I took this opportunity to re-install ye ol’ faithful Windows XP! Somehow this installation re-arranged my drive letters so I accidentally wiped my entire documents disc (thankfully last backed up in June!) But I did lose some more recent work.

Now, back on XP, Cubase 6.5 still crashes even with no VST plug ins in use, however you get warning messages rather than the ‘dead ends’ and black outs experienced in Windows 7. As a result I have made the decision to go back to Cubase 4 in the vague hope I might actually get a project completed this year.

The moral of the story is: Quit wasting time when things go wrong in Windows with Cubase. You would get more done watching TV all day! There is a reason why professionals opt for Mac and Logic!

With a big two fingers to Microsoft and Steinberg for an outstanding mess…It’s time for me to get saving :wink: