Cubase 6.5.1 pre-release Update available

Thank you for the quick turnaround! :slight_smile:

Really quick, appreciated. But please do not forget about infoline issue in key editor… Error appears… Thank you.

This installer gives me errors like this:

“Module C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Asio\asiodxfd.dll failed to register. HRESULT - 2147024770.”
“Module C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Asio\asioglld.dll failed to register. HRESULT - 2147024770.”

So I can’t install it properly (I can ignore those files and continue installing though…).

So now my Cubase 6.5 keeps crashing very often when I try to load a Vst effect or Vsti instrument.
And also when I use hitpoints/ slice audio.
Aaaand often when I change a preset in Vsti (ie. Retrologue).

Otherwise looks very good, just very frustrating with the crashing at the moment.
Cubase 6 was running like a charm on the very same machine earlier.

Looking forward to get this version up and running properly soon :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to say that my problem with two Mystic preset problems haven’t vanished.

On 6.05 they sound one way, on a busy project in 6.5.x they sound completely different (they sound like distorted
versions of the old presets).

I will try to revert to 6.05.

Bummer :unamused:

I downloaded the 6.5 and 6.51 update and whenever I try to program drums or work on a project with drum midi, whenever I click a midi note on the drum editor Cubase crashes. It crashes whenever I try using Addictive Drums or SSD4.

Is anyone else having similar issues with when working with the drum editor?

Yep, quite a number of people had that. For most (including me) it was fixed by trashing your preferences. (check the knowlegdebase for assistance if you don’t know how).

edit for topsoul: this appears to be related to using the infoline in the drum or key editor. Disable that and you should be able to work without errors. i’m hoping for a quick fix myself :slight_smile:

What’s new in automation? I can upgrade from 6.0.2? or still not

No problems installing 6.5.1 on OSX Lion.
No crashing when editing drum notes in either Key or Drum editor with Info Line on.

Good to know, I have not got the guts to install it on Mac as well, after MIDI crashing in both 32 and 64 bit on my PC. Still keep the 6.0.6 on Mac. Maybe I will try to bring it up and hope I won’t get the same issue…

Hi all,
I try to Install the update on my Mac Pro, however i receive the message “Cubase 6.0 not found”.
Any suggestions? Thanks.

Had you renamed your Cubase 6 app (e.g. to “Cubase 6.5”)? If so, just duplicate it, and rename it to “Cubase 6”.

In fact I had a copy of the App to be able to run it as 32 and 64 bit versions.
However i deleted the copy and had the original name before updating.

Ok, I fixed the problem. I just installed the Cubase 6.0 from the original DVD again (only the App, nothing else!) and re-ran the updte for 6.5. This worked. :wink:

When will the fully supported 6.5.2 release be released?

Here is a fix for the asiodxfd.dll + asioglld.dll

For Cubase 32 bit copy the files to C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steinberg \ ASIO and overwrite the old files
For Cubase 64 bit copy the files to C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Asio and overwrite the old files
Start the Upadte 6.5.1 again -

Will this…

…be fixed in the next update??

Is there a list anywhere of fixes in the works? What about this one:

I foolishly upgraded to Cubase 6.5.1 and created a project that used Addictive Drums (32-bit in 64-bit Cubase). I was more than a little annoyed when Cubase could not reopen the project. All Addictive Drums was doing was echoing MIDI clips from its own libraries. I was not even using the drum editor. I’m becoming increasing more frustrated at Cubase’s inability to do some of even the most basic tasks, like re-open an existing project.

After restarting I was able to reload the project and froze the MIDI tracks so I could finish off the project in another DAWS.

Please be soon!!! Please I payed for an upgrade of fantastic cubase product not bugs crashing and errors
I’m in Australia ’ last night I downloaded the 6.5 upgrade this cost me $59 ! After download I ran the installer, I had no problems. The installation finished with no problems! However, I started a new project then added instrument (retrologue) working great no issues awesome sounds!! Can’t wait to use in a project, that aside! I added the Padshop instrument and no sound !!and no edit instrument button it was greyed out, I was like Wtf. So I started a new project but this time added the Padshop first and it worked so I played and it sounds kinda cool as well but then when i added retrologue same as the first attemp no sound and no edit instrument button. The HotFix download did fix this problem. So now they both working fine. Except now when I close my project window ( I get asked to save , don’t save or cancel) when I press save cubase crashes with the following "Error, A serious problem has occurred please try to save your work under another name, please contact steinberg tech support with a description of what you did to create this problem and the created file c:\pgfiles\steinberg\cubase6\cubase6.log . I then click OK then another Prompt box appears! Microsoft visual c++ runtime library. Runtime error! Program c:\pgfiles\steinberg\cubase 6\cubase6.exe R6025 - pure virtual function call. Someone please help or let me know if you guys are finding this or not I didn’t want to pay for an upgrade of errors and crashes!! Help help help please

Is anyone having problems with screen tearing in 64 bit Cubase? The black information area above the time line obscures portions of the screen when I scroll up and down. It’s a horrible graphical glitch that basically requires me to shut down the session and reopen in 32 bit. This has only started happening since I installed 6.5 Anybody else experiencing this graphics-related glitches?