Cubase 6.5.1 Windows resize issue

Hi there,

First of all i’m really liking Cubase 6.5.1 however i’m not sure if it’s known but everytime i say hit F11 for instance to pull up the vst instruments my main window keeps resizing itself. Is this a bug cause i just want the window to stay maximized but it’s no joy. As soon as i navigate away from the main window i get the same thing. Pretty annoying so i’m not sure if it’s me doing something or it’s a bug.


That new Retrologue synth is pretty much top notch.



I consider it a bug; I believe Cubase should preserve your window states until YOU decide to change them. However, it’s a well-known quirk of Cubase. While the window management is far from perfect, it works best if instead of maximizing windows, you just manually size them to dimensions that you like.

Oh… and talking of bugs, go sort out you profile, it’s messing with the layout! :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s up with the profile layout?

Cheers aswell i found that it’s best to manually resize the window instead of maximising it.


Nothing now, you seem to have sorted it.

Just deleted a link in my signature seemed to do the trick… looks much better now thanks.