Cubase 6.5 32bit not "Rewiring" with Acid..

Hi all, just put a new DAW together, and have finally got all the software reloaded.
However, as the title suggests, Cubase isn’t speaking with Acid.
I can see Acid in the Cubase pulldown, but when I check the Acid pulldown, it doesn’t have Rewire Device Driver in it’s pulldown.
I’m no stranger in setting this up, as it works fine on Cubase 5 32bit installed on the same machine.
I was hoping to remove Cubase 5 32 & 64bit off of my machine and just use 6.5, but so far, I’m not so lucky.
Any suggestions would be appreciated, or a 64bit VST that runs Acid files would be nice…

Win7 64bit.


I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, Presonus FireBox, Cubase 6.5 64 bit and Acid Pro 7 (which I believe only comes in 32 bit).
Cubase and Acid work well seperately but not Cubase Rewire and Acid.

I canot get Cubase to “see” Acid at all.
Not sure how to go about making it happen either.

If Cubase is 64 bit and Acid Pro 7 is 32 bit, they’ll never talk to each other. I think you have to match them (32 bit rewire client to 32 bit rewire host).
You can always install Cubase 32 bit alongside Cubase 64 bit.

Do you know the 64 bit 32 bit mismatch will not work for a fact or is this an assumption?

Do you work for Steinberg technical support?

I don’t work for Steinberg tech support (would say “Site Admin” under my username).

At first it was an assumption (based upon Rewire 64 being recently added to Cubase, thus allowing 64 bit rewire), so I did some searching for evidence. Found some here: (Propellerhead’s forums)

thanx, i see now based on this quote … but I still wonder what Steinberg has to say about this?

"If you are running a 64-bit OS, Reason will automatically install and run in 64-bit mode. However, if you are using
ReWire, there are a couple of extra considerations:

  • Both the ReWire host and Reason must run in the same mode (32-bit or 64-bit).
  • To use ReWire in 64-bit mode, the ReWire host application must have support for 64-bit ReWire. If not, you
    need to run both programs in 32-bit mode.

Since Steinberg and Propellerheads co-developed ReWire, they’ll probably say the same thing.

You can always install Cubase 32 bit alongside 64 bit, rewire into 32 bit, and then import the mixdown of that into Cubase 64 bit.

thanx for the suggestions.

i guess it is not worth it to me to go through the trouble just to use rewire.

i will just use Acid “as is” and reccord it into cubase as an audio track. this way I can still use all the fun bells and wistles of acid’s user interface

now i need to figure out how to record from acid to cubase keeping it “internal”, and by this I mean I was going to output acid to channels on my sound card then physically wire the output to input channels on the same sound card and record … silly I know but I have not figured out how to record software to software yet.