Cubase 6.5.4 (and 6.5.3 also) mp3 export problem

I’m having some issues regarding the mp3 export function inside cubase.

Apparently Cubase export only export the first 4 or 5 seconds of any clip I export.

Anyone with the same issue?

Using Cubase in Win7 x64

We are assuming you have set the L/R locators correctly?

Have you set Locators to the right lenght, and have you tried Real time export?

With a couple of my projects I’ve had to export in real time to 32bit wave format, 'have’nt yet been able to figure out why that is.


I was looking at the licence and shows up like this

That’s of no consequence - since you have full Cubase 6.5 you have unlimited use of the mp3 encoder. I have the same thing. It apparently is a soft license that somehow occurs on the computer - others probably know more about the how and why… Anyway, if it really was relevant, you also wouldn’t be able to export 5 seconds.

Reading the manual is much less confusing than reading it second-hand from a forum.

I’ve figured it out after a couple of tries…

Using Cubase 32bit version on my Win7 64bit there’s some bug when exporting mp3.

In the 64bit version the mp3 export function works with no fuss…