Cubase 6.5.4 and Instrument Track UnMute issue

Hi all,

I searched the manual to see if this is expected behavior but couldn’t find anything about this issue. I have a super easy song I am working on with 3 tracks only. The problem is when I mute the audio track, and begin to record to the instrument track, it UNMUTES my audio track the moment I hit the “sustain pedal” on my virtual piano. Here is the setup:

  1. Track 1 - imported audio file recording
  2. Track 2 - Tempo track (I did an audio warp of track 1 to create a map, worked awesome!!!)
  3. Track 3 - Vienna Imperial Instrument track

That’s it, nothing else. No hardware loops, no software plug-ins on the channels, no EQ’s etc. nothing.

I first hit the M (mute) on the audio track. Then I highlight first, then record enable track 3, press the record button to begin recording. The second I hit the sustain pedal to prepare for my performance it unmutes my audio track.

Any ideas why?


So doing some research, it seems this issue is with my generic remote setup for my arturia labratory controller. I can see in the Generic Remote this line which I think is the culprit:

Control Name - Mute 1
MIDI Status - Controller
MIDI Channel - 1
Address - 64
Max Value - 127
Flags - Receive

The problem is now that I seem to have identified the problem, anyone know how the hell do I fix it lol! :slight_smile:.


The line you are talking about, which is in the upper panel of your generic remote definition, seems to be OK. So, if not done already, I would try to add in the lower panel a line as following :

Control name : Mute 1 — Device : Not assigned

I have the habit to always have, in the lower panel, a line corresponding to each and every control defined in the upper one, even if some of them are not used to control a Cubase command. Be also sure that your generic remote definition is saved as a .xml file : this allows you to be sure that the control definitons will be retrieved each time you start a new Cubase session.

Thanks, that did the trick. Now if I could just find someone who has done a complete generic remote xml file for this arturia lol.

Thanks again, much appreciated!