Cubase 6.5.4 Don't Receive External Midi in Signal


I use Windows 7 x64 / Cubase 6.5.4(x64) / Cubase 5(x86)
and i use old Symphonic Choir Wordbuilder and Midioverlan(3.1.1)

Problem :
Cubase 6.5.4 is don’t receive External Midi in

See Screen Shot

Cubase 5(x86) is working

but Cubase 6.5(x64) is don’t work

Help me

Aloha b,
Just a shot in the dark here but
have you checked ‘MIDI Port Setup’ in the ‘Device Setup’ page?

C5 and C6 will use different preferences folders so maybe
the C6 preference has not yet been set.

HTH (hope this helps)

Thanks for your reply

but C5 and C6 midi port setup is SAME

Cubase 5 midi port setup

Cubase 6 midi port setup

Cubase 6.5.4 is dont receive External midi signal

Could you tell us more about your audio/MIDI device ? I see ‘DirectMusic’ as your device in the MIDI port setup and, well, I’m suspicious about it… Does an audio signal is correctly played back ?

I also see 4 MIDI In and out ports. Seems a lot to me, with strange Port system names. FWIW, here is mine and I’m a happy owner of one of the few audio devices available that have 2 MIDI in/out ports.

You think that’s much? I have around 60 ports listed :stuck_out_tongue:
Every input and output on my Midex twice (Windows and direct music) which is 32 already, then a bunch of USB midi ports like the blofeld, the MO6, the DTX700, the midi IO on my audio interface etc.


And all these are connected to physical ports ? If not, what’s the aim ? And if so, how do you manage all these in an actual project ? With only 2 input ports (one for my VMK-188+, one for my MPD32) and 1 output port connected to my MIDI patchbay, I have everything I need at disposal, MIDI related… :confused:

Like I said, some are listed twice, but yeah, they’re all physical.
They’re not all in use though :wink:.
The midi menu lets you hide ports so I only have the relevant ports available when I assign in and outputs.

OK… I see from your signature that you indeed have a lot of hardware stuff that adds more or less useful ports to your setup. As long as everything is working as expected…

About the OP, I still would like more precisions about his/her whole setup. I don’t exactly know why, but I keep on thinking that something is misbehaving here… And, instead of emphasizing the ‘6.5.4 bug’ and ‘Bug fix please’ sentences, I’d rather see him/her give us more details about it… :confused:

Thanks for your Long reply

I use Multiface I

Molcp xx is MidioverLan

(MidioverLan is Virtual Midi Interface)

MolcpXX is Internal Loopback virtual MidiPort

ok then

The same setting,

but why cubase 6 Do not operate ??

Cubase 6 is don’t receive virtual midi in signal

Cubase 5 is Receive

one more answer me please

Thank you

Do you really need this overcomplicated stuff and why using a ‘virtual MIDI interface’ ? DAWs are already prone to misbehave for all kinds of reasons… Over complicating your setup will bring you to nowhere excepting added pitfalls.

Maybe this house of cards was working with C5, but it seems that indeed Cubase 6 has restricted the use of any esoteric combination such as yours, for obvious reasons.

My advice : stick to your Multiface I (RME, if I understand well ?) and throw away everything else, unless you work in a great studio and absolutely need a LAN with several computers sharing the same hardware and soft resources. Not recommended for any DAW usage but still, it seems to work more or less reliably in some places with high end gear…

My personal mantra (DAW related) : the simpler, the better…

hey cubic13

Cubase is Best DAW in all DAW (I thinks this :smiley: )

but this is don’t understand common sence

anyway thank for your sincere answer

Thank you :smiley: