Cubase 6.5.4 issue

hi, i seem to have a problem with cubase 6.5.4 with loops imported from mediabay .
please see the video i made and let me know if anyone else has this problem.

Strange behaviour! I will try here using windows 7

Posted on your video… :slight_smile:

“ok! I remove my other post! was able to reproduce the issue… but only when I move the R locator to the left… but my HDD does not stop and CPU is like a 5%… It goes away when you bounce the track and replace.
ALSO only made the HDD clip and hold clip with a kick loop. But another files from media bay did not produced the same issue and others did hmm! ALSO created an arrange track to do repeats like the one you have on the video and the loops behave normal. My RAIN Livebook is not crackling tho” Even when the HHD clipped.

SO many code to write… Lets kick this one out steinberg…

PICTURE ATTACHED… by the way the project is running 11 Model-E and master fader has a load of 3 mastering VST plugins… CPU is at 12% OR SO…
arrange track.jpg

only on OSX?

Here is a small video with loops doing some fast repeat…

All is good…

ALSO BUDDY make sure you are not sharing the FW MR816csx with an external FW HDD… this is a no no!!!

Please read this before you post a possible issue:

Hi there,

I presume you are using FLAC in your project settings?

Change it back to WAV or AIF please in order to prevent the disk overload.



Hey Marcus… I was able to reproduce the issue but I have no flac on the project setup… and my audio does not crackle even with the generic asio on the laptop… I did an arrange track and made small selections to repeat 8 times and the file played fine… see my link above…

Some loops make the HDD clip and hold when the loop selection is to small on any part of the loop using the L-R locator but no problems when looping with the arrange track… :wink:

Something that I find annoying is that the files on the media bay are 44k and if your project is at 48k the loop plays wrong and will not lock to the grid once you drop it into the project… I think it will be cool to have an automated resample when dragging and dropping loops from media bay to the project… this way would be less problematic…

under preference - Mediabay - we should have the “re-sample audio files to project’s format” if needed.

BUT here is where it is: preferences - EDITING - AUDIO - and set to “convert and copy…if needed” :slight_smile:


Giro, thanks for that last comment, I will make that preference change!