cubase 6.5.4. no sound when playing imported audio files


no sound output on “imported audio” files while instrument tracks work fine.

the audio track is not muted nor disconnected in the mixer

the audio track control does not show any activity in the faders while playing.

the mixer is going directly to stereo out.

no plugins used

everything works fine on my 64bit version.

How to fix this?

Disable the input monitor on the audio track while playback…?

“Everything plays fine on my 64 bit version.” …so what’s the problem?

If you are saying that everything else seems to be working yet these files are not playing, then you need to be sure the files play in some other audio player. You could have a mixture of sound files, something incompatable is the thought. That OR you have not connected the particular channels containing the tracks to the stereo out bus properly.