cubase 6.5.4 update

im trying to install the 6.5.4 update but it keeps telling me that cubase 6 is not installed
i definitely have it installed, can open it up, use halion in it etc - works fine
why can’t i install the update?

And your exact current version is what…?

6.0.2 - as it came straight out of the box

Did you bought Cubase 6.5, as it was a paid update?
Else you should use the 6.0.7 update.

yep, bought it. Have it running fine on other computer

ok, so have just spoken to tech support yay (this is the first time ive EVER been able to contact a tech support directly and actually SPEAK to someone who can provide immediate and worthwhile support!)


apparently if you scroll down the page of updates, you find the 6.5 update, which has to be installed over the 6.0.2 packaged version and then you put the 6.5.4 update on after this

stupid me…didn’t scroll down the page to install an older looking update before a newer one

might have been less confusing if steinberg actually said “before you install the 6.5.4 update, ensure you have installed the 6.5 update first”

alternately, the boxed version (6.0.2) should come with this information as it is actually called “cubase 6.5” and when i answered that i had 6.5, i thought niles was referring to the box id purchased


Most people would probably say

means just that…