Cubase 6.5.5 MR816 Mavericks input/output mapping gone

Just as the title says. Just opened a template that I use all the time, warning comes up that says that all of the inputs and outputs are missing. I can remap them, but they are now called -1, -2, etc. The default nicely labelled ins and outs are gone.

Also, the output fader no longer shows a signal out, even though the fader controls the output level.

Mavericks newest version, new Yamaha driver set (october 2013), Cubase 6.5.5.

Any help/suggestions? I have dozens of projects that no longer work, and I don’t really want to have to remap and relabel everything. Not to mention the out fader bug.

Thats what I figured. But is 6.5.5 going to be fixed? It says on the download page that 6.5.5 is going to be the last update.