Cubase 6.5/6.5.1 SoundSoap Pro 2 Issue


Just wondering if anyone else is encountering this, and has a solution. Since updating to Cubase 6.5 (I’m x64 all the way), my SoundSoap Pro 2 isn’t recognized by Cubase at all. Won’t show up as a plugin at all.

I re-installed SoundSoap, and am running that latest version 2.0.1.

It was working fine before the update.



Is the folder the actual plugin is contained in still listed in Cubase’s plugin folder’s list?


I’ve only got 2 folders for plug VSTPlugins under Programs for x64, and under Program Files (x86) for 32 bit.

Its in the Program Files (x86)

It was working fine before the upgrade to 6.5

BTW, I don’t know why my profile only shows 6 posts, something got reset. I’ve been around since VST32, so I’m not a nube


Didn’t Steinberg move the forum to this new location?

And are you running the 32-bit version of cubase or the 64-bit version? The default for the 64-bit version is to NOT include the 32-bit version vstplugin path. You need to add the path yourself. I would just double-check.


And they show inside Cubase, under Devices -> Plug-in Information?
Just making sure. :slight_smile:


It’s working now.

Yes, I had the folder loaded to Cubase (I am running x64 win 7 and x64 Cubase)

I had updated the folders once before, but to no avail.

This time, I got a complaint about Waveshell (finally Waves is x64, but I digress), and then it refreshed, and SoundSoap is there.

I guess I just had to try again.