Cubase 6.5 64bit, my 32bit vst's not working with it!

Hi I am really Pi$$ed off, cause I bought the update £162! tried it on my 4 year old studio PC & it didnt work! So I had to go and buy a new PC, I got a good one, paid £750, (I’ll be paying that back for a long time!) So I load up cubase 64 bit & i put my 32 bit vsts in and cubase will not even open without freezeing! I hear people buying jbridge but after paying out what i have to get this working I’m feeling pi$$ed at the Cubase makers! :imp:
Why should ik have to go to a 3rd party and buy another thing to make cubase work! I’m really thinking of selling my cubase!

Just before i do what would i miss if i went to 32bit, ie would i not get some plugins?

You can adress less RAM. Plenty of threads about it on the forum…

Seriously? You’ve invested all this time and money upgrading and now you’re contemplating starting over because of a utility that costs a few dollars? Get jbridge, convert your plugs and be happy. 64 bit is far superior and well worth the frustration.

It’s not Cubase’s fault you’re loading plugins that are not designed to work in that environment…

I use jBridge with Cubase x64 and many 32bit plugs with great success. I have some 32bit plugs I really like, such as the Korg Analog and Digital synths which work well with jBridge.

64bit is the way to go, these days you won’t get far on less than 8GB of RAM.


to many issues with the Plugins!

Can anybody make a list with the Vst instruments that WORK on Cubase 64?

I dont think that very serious developers have so much issues with their Plugins…

there is a problem with 64 bits ., thats whats really making all this trouble!!

i agree with the other posters…cough up a few dollars or quid in your country and get jbridge. get back to what’s important like your music and quit the whining.

j bridge makes no difference guys!

Sorry to say, but every 64-bit plug I’ve tried so far works in Cubase64.
I don’t use 32-bit plugs anymore, but from what I’ve heard 99% of em work fine with J-bridge, so I can only conclude you are doing something wrong.

Holding Steinberg responsible for the fact certain products aren’t released as 64 bit, is a bit harsh. Steinbergs bitbridge was a nice attempt as an extra service for users to be able to migrate from x86 to x64. Unfortunately it isn’t perfect.

If you still rely on x86 plugs, do yourself a favour and as mentioned buy jBridge.
I run a lot of x86 stuff in a x64 enviroment, all bridged with jBridge and without a single problem.

The fee is an absolute no brainer, especially when you’ve invested in x86 plugs in the past.