Cubase 6.5 64bit or 32bit?


I’m a Newbie here so apologies if I’m going over old ground or asking a stupid question.

Following a new PC build, I’m now running Cubase 6.5 in Windows 7 64bit. My old PC only ran W7 32 bit. Having upgraded I have re-installed Cubase to v6.5.4 in 64bit mode, but I’m having problems with Halion Sonic SE not being able to load preset sounds, it can’t find them. However, I have also installed Cubase 6.5.4 in 32bit version on the same new PC, and Halion Sonic SE has no problem finding all preset sounds in that environment, which loses me completely I’m afraid. My question really is, with me now being able to run W7 in 64bit mode, am I defeating the object if I only run Cubase 6.5 32bit version instead of the 64bit version, or does it not matter?

Hope someone may be able to help and/or advise?

Many thanks.


Running Cubase in 32-bit mode on a 64-bit OS is defeating the object of the only benefit of the 64-bit OS - accessing more than 4Gb RAM.

Try rescanning your directory in Mediabay to find Halion Sonic SE content.


Thanks for that, I thought that was most likely the case but thought it best to ask. I did scan the mediabay and all of the Halion Sonic SE content was found, but if I the create an instrument track, select Halion Sonic SE as my VST Instrument, and then try and select a preset sound, I just get an error message telling me that the File cannot be found, and that applies to every single preset sound. I wonder, does the mediabay scan locate the files in the 32bit Cubase and then I’m trying to open them in the 64bit Cubase, or am I barking up completely the wrong tree there?