Cubase 6.5 (64bit) to REASON 6.5 ReWire Help

First, I create a Subtractor, a Thor and a Malstrom - then fire up ReWire.

In Cubase, I create three MIDI tracks and select each instrument respectively in C6. Expecting to hear and play each instrument solo, I actually hear two of them simultaneously - the Subtractor and the Malstrom. Or, the Thor and the Malstrom depending on which track I have selected. When I’m on the Malstrom track, all I hear is the Malstrom though.

How do I need to set things up in REASON and in Cubase so that each instrument from REASON can be played individually without hearing the other synths?

This must be a common issue, something easy I’m missing…

It is my understanding that you are supposed to open Cubase first, then Reason.

Have you tried this?

Scratch that, I figured it out… needed to select the Transport lane in REASON. That’s it.