Cubase 6.5 activation code not working

The activation code I received in my Order Confirmation won’t work when I try to upgrade my eLicenser (using latest Control Center version etc.)

I get the following error message -

“The activation code cannot be used. Please contact your software vendor to get a valid activation code.”

I have contacted Steinberg support in Australia (via Yamaha) but received no reply.

Please help!


Have you tried copying a pasting it into e-licenser control center?

You’re attempting to upgrade your Cubase 6 license, not just hitting the green button on the top?

yes I copy and pasted the activation code from the email I received.

…and yes, just to be clear, I am trying to upgrade my Cubase 6 license which does appear within the eLicense Control Center.

I had to download and install the latest e-licenser before it would work for me…