Cubase 6.5 and Dissolve Part.


I have recorded a MIDI project direct from my external keyboard (korg oasys) into Cubase 6.5. It is recorded in Cubase as a MIDI recording into one track or instance. The recorded part consists of 10 separate tracks within the Oasys as part of a factory pre-set without any further tinkering from me. I would like to separate those 10 Oasys tracks into 10 new lanes in Cubase. I was hoping I could do this by the ‘Dissolve Parts’ tab but when I find it, the tab is greyed out.

Is there a way round this?

I suppose I could always upgrade to 8.5 or 9 (assuming the ‘Dissolve Parts’ tab would would do this for me in MIDI ?)

Any ideas from anyone?

From the keyboard point of view, I could set it up so the 10 lanes would automatically appear in Cubase before I started recording but it is a PAIN and I mean a PAIN; not just any PAIN …you get the picture. What ? -----.every time I want to record a project direct from the keyboard—it’s got over 1000 pre-sets!!

Sorry, I got rather carried away there .


Sorted but what I get is a drop-down of between 35-48 lanes or Midi parts when what I am after is only 10. It’s not creating a lane for each key I play on the keyboard is it ?
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